Living environment control and protection stations have been set up in townships

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Little New Year has just passed, the Spring Festival is approaching.Recently, jiangcun village, Qingyang County, Chizhou City, the houses are orderly, clean and tidy in front of the house, the village road is smooth and unobstructed, and the rural appearance is refreshed “high appearance level”.The old man who was walking told reporters that after environmental remediation, the village is now clean and bright, comfortable and happy to live.”You see, what I have at home is a water flushing three-compartment septic tank sanitary toilet, which is clean and beautiful, environmentally friendly and water-saving, and also equipped with an electric lamp for lighting at night.”Uncle Zeng told reporters that in the past, every family is dry toilet, the environment is very poor.In uncle Zeng’s home, the reporter noticed a rural household toilet renovation sign.”The brand has the township human settlements environment management and protection station management and protection hotline, toilet broken and other problems, call will be door-to-door service.”Uncle Zeng sighed, “Although it looks like a small thing to change the toilet, but the real construction, the people do not mention how comfortable!”According to understand, county in supplier management, on the card to the villages and towns living environment stand hotline, problems of the management of the management complaints posted to every household, forming “telephone handle, door to door service, problem complaints” closed-loop management service system, to provide all the farmers demand toilet corrupt qing tao, lavatory provide public services such as maintenance, at the same time to accept the reasonable service demands.”Improving the rural living environment is the key to building a beautiful and livable countryside, but rural public services are multi-faceted and difficult to manage and protect.Exploration in the first half of this year, the county set up township and village living environment management, to ensure that the ‘demand, farmers, rural affairs asked someone tube,’ “county hai-yan tong, director of the office of the people’s livelihood, relying on the villages and towns living environment management station, the plan as a whole has more than 600 people of rural living garbage collector disposal system, 10 town sewage treatment plant operations team and place equipment,The management and care of agricultural toilets, garbage collection and transportation, and the maintenance of sewage treatment equipment have been promoted as one system, and resources have been shared.On December 3 last year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Rural Revitalization Administration jointly announced the third batch of 21 national rural public service typical case list, Qingyang County to build three-dimensional rural public service capacity system was selected as a national typical, is the only selected case in our province.At present, the county 11 villages and towns are built in the villages and towns living environment management station, rural toilet did “someone’s bad repair, waste is full of someone pay, waste tao is”, the rural living garbage nissan nissin, rural sewage turbulence disorderly phenomenon get effective governance, the people’s livelihood project truly become the “popular project”.The environment is beautiful, the industry is flourishing, the farmer is rich.A good living and ecological environment in rural areas is not only the premise for villagers to live a happy life, but also the precious wealth of rural revitalization.Du Cun village, not far from Jiang Cun village, has an endless stream of tourists coming for sightseeing and leisure. The rural b&B life of “seeing mountains, seeing water and remembering homesickness” is deeply loved.In recent years, with the improvement of the environment, rural development space greatens, du village, county, township by investment promotion and capital introduction, has introduced the mountain mu wild cabin in a holiday camp, on the safety characteristics of home stay facility sky complex cultural tourism projects such as 23, characteristics of home stay facility project, and so did the villagers get rich, and further improve the enthusiasm of the villagers participate in living environment improvement action.Improving the rural living environment and building beautiful and livable villages is an important measure to implement the rural revitalization strategy.Tong haiyan said that the government will continue to focus on the construction of the management and protection system in the later period of the “Three Great Revolutions”, improve the capacity of rural public services, attract more high-quality new business models with a good rural environment, and realize the prosperity of the village and the people.The reporter Zhu Zhuo