Notes | 87-year-old party members insist on paying party dues

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Recently, hezhou city eight step district discipline inspection commission office ushered in a special guest.”Hello, comrade!I’ll pay the party fee.”An old man stumped into the office, panting.”Grandma Huang, why have you come to pay the party fee in person?”Office cadre Yang Bo welcomed her immediately and helped her to sit down.Yang Bo poured the tea and inquired about Grandma Huang in detail.”Grandma huang, you so big age, go upstairs inconvenient, can let family generation hand in, or inform us to collect.””I wrote down in my notebook.”Thank you. Although I am old, as long as I can walk, I will personally deliver the membership fee to the Party organization.I came today when the weather was clear and the roads weren’t so slippery.”Grandma Huang said with a smile.Huang Yufang, 87 years old, is a retired veteran of the Babu District Commission for Discipline inspection and supervision. He joined the CPC in November 1959 and has been a member of the CPC for 62 years.Although retired for many years, but still keep in mind their duties as party members, still care about the cause of the Party, the party spirit and organizational concept is not reduced.Considering grandma Huang’s age, the staff suggested many times to pay the party fee for her first and then bring it back when visiting her, but she still did not agree.”The membership fee is proof of my identity.Without the COMMUNIST Party of China, I would not have the good day today. Now the people are happy and healthy, and the motherland is prosperous and strong. All these are the happy life that the Communist Party of China has given us.I am a veteran cadre and party member who retired from the post of discipline inspection. I should have a higher ideological consciousness and always demand myself as a Communist and set an example for younger party members.”Grandma Huang always said that.In her opinion, paying party dues is an important part of organizational life and must be taken seriously.”Huang Grandma, this is me to help you calculate good need to pay the party fee amount, please verify.”I just calculated the detailed amount of the figure to Grandma Huang.”Okay, thank you.”Grandma Huang answered, carefully taking out the prepared party fee from her pocket and handing it to me.I took the party fee with body temperature, admiration and moved in the heart, I seem to see the exciting scene: a youth in the prime of life is facing the party flag solemn oath: “I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China…”Whenever I think of Grandma Huang holding the handrail step by step step down the stairs of the figure, I am still moved, she retired for more than 30 years, retirement does not fade, leave the post from the party, but also insist on paying party fees in person.Pay party fee although it is an ordinary but trivial matter, but reflects the lofty and firm party spirit of the older generation of party members and loyalty to the party, her behavior is worth our study and follow every party member.Every member of our party should bear in mind the purpose, do not forget the original aspiration, do their own work, with a good image to show the style of the Communist party.(Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Babu District, Hezhou City