Rare waterbirds visit the largest population of pochards gather at the foot of Mount Tai

2022-05-23 0 By

Recently, taian Taishan Bird Love Association, Dongping County Bird Protection and Bird-watching Association and Jining Bird-watching Association recorded the largest population of the greenheaded pochards, the world’s most critically endangered bird and national first-class protected wild animal, during the 2022 Survey of overwintering waterbirds in Tai ‘an.Confirmed by relevant experts, the number of the group of pochards will exceed 1500, the largest population recorded in China.The pochards are distributed in the east and southwest of Asia and are migratory birds.Every year in early spring from the south overwintering ground to the north to breed, mid-October began to move to the south.They mainly inhabit in small lakes, ponds and swamps in mountainous forest areas with many aquatic grasses, and have very strict requirements on the habitat environment.Due to overhunting and habitat deterioration, the population is very small.The global population of wetland International is estimated at 250 to 1000 species, which are listed as “CR” species by the IUCN Red List, and upgraded to the national Level 1 protected wildlife in 2021.According to a survey conducted by CCF in collaboration with Zhuoer Public Welfare Foundation, Beijing Entrepreneur Environmental Protection Foundation and Zhuque Association, there are only 1,500 common pochards in China in 2020, and about 300 in Tai ‘an city last year.The number of pochards discovered this time is huge, exceeding the total number of the whole country surveyed in 2020, and is also the largest population discovered so far. It will provide reference for wetland International to evaluate the number of pochards worldwide.Taishan bird association is mount taishan scenic area adopts the model of “government + volunteers” to form social groups, in recent years, continued in the taishan area records to a new species, so far, a total of records 359 kinds of wild birds in mount taishan, far more than 148 kinds of original records, including 9 kinds of national level to protect animals, secondary protection of 64 species of animals, 5 species with Chinese characteristics.The QingTou diving duck species and wild birds species increased significantly in recent years, thanks to the recent years on the implementation of “taishan area ShanShuiLinTian HuCao protection and restoration of ecological engineering”, the project focus on increasing the biodiversity conservation and public propaganda, not only improves our environmental protection consciousness, also achieve the goal of ecological environment increasingly to glow the new vitality.(Dazhong Newspaper · Dazhong Daily client reporter Cao Rufeng, Correspondent Yin Yanfei, Jia Chunyan, photographer Liu Zhaorui)