Too amazing!”Hanfu grandma” is new

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Gray-haired but still bright, she wears hanfu and travels across the country;Every frown and smile quite classical charm, she is the special case in the han Fu circle with young people as the absolute main force, is the focus;She is the “Hanfu Grandma”.It’s Spring Festival, the video of “Hanfu Grandma” is new again!A 77-year-old Hanfu grandmother has become an Internet sensation. Her name is Liu Weixiu, 77.Liu weixiu said that she first wore Hanfu to cooperate with students to shoot a video. She did not want to form an indissoluble bond with Hanfu from then on.To this day, Liu weixiu remembers the first time she wore Hanfu to shoot a video. “The first time I wore Hanfu, I thought it was magnificent and beautiful!”To liu’s surprise, the video received a lot of likes once it was released.So Liu created an account on the social media platform to record her life.With the style of ancient costume, “Hanfu grandma” has gained many fans.Later, encouraged by her students, Liu began to participate in activities related to Hanfu.”It was simple. I thought I was happy to be with young people.”After that, Liu took part in more and more Hanfu activities.Especially in the 17th China International Cartoon and Animation Festival, Liu Weixiu dressed in Hanfu successfully “circle”, attracting many fans.”Every time I come out, people shout, ‘Grandma!Grandma!’I feel so beautiful in my heart that so many people like me.”She joined the Peking Opera industry at the age of 13. “I am the little green leaf.”Liu weixiu was a Peking Opera actor when he was young. He began to learn Peking Opera at the age of 13 and entered the Chinese Opera School for further study at 19.Yoo said, I couldn t sing the main actor, so I had to sing the supporting role.But a red flower needs green leaves, and I am that little green leaf.”Although liu has never been able to reach the C position on the opera stage, her decades of Peking Opera expertise has made her instantly into a state of mind whenever she appears on stage.Unlike character-based costumes, hanfu shows focus on the costumes.Before preparing for the stage, Liu works with her “tongpao” (hanfu enthusiasts) to design movements based on the characteristics of the clothes.Liu will also try to add Elements of Peking Opera to achieve better results.The appearance of “Hanfu grandma” has made many people realize that Hanfu is not only a favorite of young people, but also a trend of the elderly.”As long as you want to wear and love Hanfu, there is no age limit.”Now, 70-year-old Liu Weixiu still keeps a fresh sense of life, constantly trying new things that young people like.Shopping, drinking milk tea, catching dolls…”Anything for fun!””Age never defeats beauty,” is a popular message in a short video of “Hanfu Grandma.”From costumes to Hanfu, from love at first sight to hard to give up, Liu Weixiu uses practical actions to explain: love can be worth years.With love, pursuit and hope, life can be wonderful at any age.Miss, thank, reunion, look forward to……About the Spring Festival, there is always a moment, a memory connected with touching story.CCTV news launched a column entitled “Have a Good Spring Festival”, telling a vivid story of the Spring Festival.CCTV News wechat official account (ID: CCtvNewscenter)