Can live crabs be carried on high-speed trains

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When it comes to how many ways to eat crab, I believe many friends will name many, because crab is a must-eat delicious food in the golden autumn season, and we often give crabs as gifts to our relatives and friends during Festivals. So many friends are concerned about whether crabs can be taken on high-speed trains?Let’s go to understand it!Live crabs are not allowed on high-speed trains according to the railway Safety Regulations, passengers are not allowed to carry live agricultural products like crabs on high-speed trains.Because crabs belong to the living and can’t leave water, so bring high-speed crabs are not sealed packaging, extremely easy car environment, but we all know the crab claws was snarling, very easy to catch broken ran out of the packing bag, cause the panic of other passengers, a variety of reasons, the live crabs are can not take the high-speed rail.Tips for Packing Live Crabs If some railway stations allow passengers to bring in a small number of live crabs, how should we pack them?First of all, we need to tie the crab pincers tightly, and then find an intact foam packing box, put the crabs into the box one by one, and then put a small amount of water into the box, and put a few bags of ice on it, and finally we put the box sealed with tape to complete.The crab containers won’t break, drip or smell, and other passengers won’t be affected.Cannot take the high-speed rail of live crabs do if we were unwittingly carried live crabs, and stopped by security staff could not take the high-speed rail, we don’t need to worry, if we are enough time, can through high iron near the point of delivery, to deliver the crabs in the past, we also can ideposit crab station temporarily,Then contact your friends and family to help retrieve the crab.Conclusion: Although the crab is delicious, we still need to comply with relevant management regulations. We can ask whether the high-speed train we take can carry the crab on the high-speed train by phone or other means in advance.