Dream back to the top!Howard has 16 points and 12 rebounds and will play again next season, just not with the Lakers

2022-05-24 0 By

Beijing time on April 8, the NBA regular season, the lakers’ game against the warriors, although after the lakers’ big three have because no play-off missed the game, but the lakers the rest of the players showed great strength, the fourth quarter, almost have the opportunity to reverse the game, in the end, still lost to the warriors, the score is 112 to 128.Tucker led the lakers with 40 points, but it was Howard who returned to his best, shooting 6-of-10 from the field for 16 points and 12 rebounds, five of them in the frontcourt, with an assist, a steal and a block.For Howard, it was his fifth double-double of the season. For Howard, it was a blessing to join the Lakers, so it was an unfortunate thing that he won a championship with the team in 2020, and that this season ended with a falling-out with Davis.Howard also can play, from the game can be seen, however, are not under reuse, Howard lakers coach vogel, in particular, special fascination with death closing this season, so, caused the Howard has not been reused, so no Davis, this issue may Dwight Howard this season is not happy.The strongest moment of Howard’s career was in the Magic, for Howard, such a dismal late career, it is really difficult to accept, therefore, Howard can still play now, so, can continue to fight next season, I believe Howard will join the championship team next season, favored.Of course, it is good to had better not in the Los Angeles lakers, the team the lakers do not like Howard, natural have other teams will like Howard, Howard can dozen cases, in particular, the price also is only the performance of the veteran base salary, therefore, for Howard, can have today’s performance, I believe Howard will continue his career.