Guangxi CDC: Two cases have been reported in Baise city, please report immediately

2022-05-24 0 By

From February 4 to 5, Debao County and Tianyang District of Baise city reported confirmed cases of COVID-19, which were related to returnees from Shenzhen.It was the Spring Festival holiday, when the flow of people and gatherings increased, and the cold weather made epidemic prevention and control more difficult.The current situation of epidemic prevention and control is extremely complex and severe. In order to resolutely contain the spread of the epidemic, guangxi CDC urgently reminds us that we should not be paralyzed during holidays and epidemic prevention should not be relaxed.Always maintain personal protection awareness, remember to wear masks, wash hands frequently, often ventilation, one meter noodles!Gather less, party less, go out less!The following personnel are requested to report immediately those who have traveled to Debao County and Tianyang District of Baise city since January 27 (inclusive);Those who have been living in Youjiang District of Baise city since February 2 (inclusive);Persons who have a time and space overlap with the officially announced confirmed cases/asymptomatic infected persons;Persons with “red” or “yellow” health code;Those who have received phone calls or information from CDC and other epidemic prevention and control departments.Source guangxi News channel wechat public number editor Zeng Jiajia process editor Liu Weili