“Hitman” was the dark horse of the Spring Festival, only second to “Watergate Bridge” at the box office

2022-05-24 0 By

“The Killer”, a comedy starring Actress Ma Li and Wei Xiang, has raked in more than 800 million yuan as of 2 PM on Feb 4, ranking second at the box office after “Watgate Bridge of Changjin Lake”, which earned 1.7 billion yuan.Many audiences were not optimistic about the performance of “The Professional” at first when they learned that it would be released during the Spring Festival.There are two reasons. One is that I don’t like the title of the film with this homophonic stem, and I think it looks like “Leon the Professional”.Another reason is that the hero is Wei Xiang, not Shen Teng.But never expected is that the performance of the film is very beyond everyone’s expectations, not only the overall quality of the film is high, but also in the way of comic expression is to let everyone laugh and laugh, the Spring Festival is the best family film.From the viewing experience, “The Killer is not too cool” in the most commendable male licking knife and translation for the best of the audience, the scene into a sea of joy.Although many people have seen Wei xiang’s acting skills in Movies like The Richest Man in Hong Kong and My Hometown, this time he surprised them again.It can be seen that wei Xiang, who has played the leading role for the first time in 24 years, really cherishes this opportunity and works hard to perform.Most gratified is, “The Killer is not too calm” not strong on the value, almost all cry point, burning point, are silky slide back to the laugh point.This is comedy literacy.In addition, the film has a large number of classic bridge tribute, whether “Singing in the Rain” song and dance fragments or the use of music “Genius idiot dream”, are very good performance, and commendable is that these bridge and the plot is very appropriate, there is no embarrassing place.And these tributes are at the heart of the film’s motivation for filmmakers to stay true to their original mission.Especially worth mentioning is the scene in “The Dream of A Genius”, the excellent use of montage almost perfect combination of plot and music, so that the audience is easy to empathize with.”The Killer is not too calm” “burst out laughing circle” has also attracted a lot of netizens’ attention, many netizens are also giving full play to their imagination, in the fun of playing the meme at the same time also become “tap water” to friends and relatives around the amway comedy film.My mother: Why did the hero switch from singing to acting?Me: That’s Fei Xiang!My mother: This gunner is not too cold really good-looking!Me: This movie is called The Killer not so cool.My mom: This killer is not quiet, it’s nice!I:…Some netizens were shocked when they saw the film: “If it goes down, Wei Xiang will be shen Teng’s biggest threat.”As a result, by netizens in turn ridicule as: “pass down, Wei Xiang is shen Teng later” “pass down, feed Shen Teng Xiang is the biggest threat” ha ha ha, really is to be this session of netizens laugh to death.’I’d love to see it, but I’m a little afraid of being fed it,’ another user humorously replied. ‘I’m afraid you won’t be able to hide. Wei Xiang is the leading actor!’I think “The Professional” really hit a funny point in people’s heart, which is why the box office is so high and so many jokes, jokes and spontaneous spread.I believe that with such good word of mouth, the film will attract more audiences to the cinema. After all, no one can refuse to have fun.