Lithium prices are going up again

2022-05-24 0 By

A few days ago, track stocks began to rebound.This year has been dismal track stocks, in fact, there is still some differentiation.CRO, for example, is still down 19% for the year, even after a two-day rally.Lithium, after today’s rally, is down less than 10% on average.Today the track stocks continue to rebound, I see the main thrust, is lithium related stocks.From the basic point of view, also because recent lithium carbonate continues to record high.The chart above shows the price of lithium carbonate.It is driven by the volume of new energy vehicles, the price rose.Share price has certain relation with it recently.In fact, too much, the downstream demand will be suppressed, which depends on its price when the peak.Today’s kneeling industry, it is a little characteristic: domestic epidemic, tourism, aviation, tax exemptions, these are affected by it.Recently, the epidemic situation in Hong Kong is tight, and some people smuggled back to the mainland from Hong Kong have brought new challenges to the prevention and control of the epidemic in the mainland.It is only a matter of time before the current repressive policy is brought under control.Let’s talk about today.According to Russia’s Sputnik news agency, the Joint Center for Cease-fire Control and Coordination said that Ukrainian armed forces fired mortars and rocket launchers at five thirty Moscow time (10:30 Beijing time) on February 17 at four residential areas in Luhansk.The news came out after the morning close.So as soon as the afternoon opened, we saw a sudden drop in prices.The market is risk averse to this type of risk.But I personally think this is actually related to the price of some bulk commodities, but the impact on the vast majority of domestic companies is very small, just know it.Roblox(, the so-called “first stock in the meta-universe,” reported its fourth-quarter and full-year 2021 earnings after the market closed on Tuesday.The stock fell 15% in after-hours trading on Tuesday as fourth-quarter results missed market expectations, and major investment banks cut their price targets on the stock.The stock, which closed down 26.51% on Wall Street on Wednesday, was down 0.37% at $53.67 in after-hours trading as of press time, data showed.Roblox reported earnings last night, and shares plunged 26.5% throughout the day.It has fallen from a high of 141.6 to 53, more than halving.You see Facebook tanking a while back, Roblox tanking a while back, and I suspect the world is not very hospitable to these types of high-investment growth stocks right now.The concept of A share of the meta-universe is more blind speculation, the Most authentic meta-universe stocks in the United States are not good, that A share of these small fish also choke.3, familiar with the routines and “person of hometown, back to the 17th in the afternoon, the new fabric from the bank of China, agricultural bank, industrial and commercial bank, construction bank of heze city of shandong province was related branches, the big four Banks cut the city’s personal housing loan deposit ratio,” without housing loans “buyers down than before from the lowest 30%, minimum 20%.In my impression, this is the first city to reduce the down payment ratio in this round, and I expect other cities will follow suit.There seems to be a round of loose real estate, heze is the first shot.This year is a very special year, so we decided early on that the economy should be “stable”. The real estate sector is the most unstable link, and we will probably try our best to stabilize it.But NOW I see more and more clear real estate trend, it has no drama, do not be a disorderly take xia.