Avalanche in Yunnan scenic spot?Here comes the official response

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A 30-second video of an avalanche in Deqen county, Deqen Prefecture, spread around the Internet on January 28, 2008. The video was confirmed by the publicity department of deqen County Party Committee, but the avalanche was small and did not cause casualties or damage to tourism infrastructure.In the video, a man with a selfie stick can be seen running in the opposite direction of the avalanche site, Shouting “Avalanche!”, followed by another man.At the same time, not far from their snow mountain came the rumbling sound, snow like a huge cloud quickly diffuse, some trees, etc. “devour”.The video then shows two people sitting in the snow, their bodies covered in thick snow.”An avalanche,” someone said. “Yes, that’s an avalanche.”Reporters on January 28 from the local propaganda department, the video of the avalanche occurred on January 26.For the avalanche of momentum all over the sky in the video, the staff explained: Because the recent snow is relatively large, a small avalanche will cause a relatively large wave, easy to cause visual illusion.Historically, the avalanche season runs from the end of November to March.For undeveloped tourist areas, local authorities will issue security warnings through the Internet and other channels.For the scenic spots that have been developed, measures will be taken to increase the investigation of hidden dangers and temporarily shut down.When it is determined that the probability of avalanches has decreased, the relevant authorities will issue a reminder.According to yunnan-Shangri-La network, rain collapse scenic spot tips: due to the recent rain and snow weather more, resulting in the rain collapse scenic road ice, 27, the scenic area into the mountain passenger vehicles have been temporarily suspended.According to the Media center of Deqen County, on January 27, the Culture and Tourism Bureau of Deqen County issued a warm reminder for winter tourism.At present, the working group is carrying out the investigation of hidden dangers, rain collapse to God waterfall, rain collapse to the base camp line temporarily closed, undeveloped rain collapse to God Lake, Ninong to rain collapse, Yongzhi to rain collapse line is prohibited to enter.Yunnan diqing suffered heavy snow weather national highway 214 line, sweet lili high-speed sections of the road closed on January 27 to 28, suffered heavy snow weather, diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture in yunnan province to state road 214 lines, incense lira (division) li (river) motorway partially closed roads, a temporary traffic control, local authorities are to carry out the work snow removal bao tong.At present, xiangli expressway K1 to K51 Shangri-La toll station to Chongjiang river toll station is prohibited, two-way traffic control is implemented, the resumption of traffic time to be determined.Baima snow mountain roads because of the deep snow national highway 214, 27, since 19 when implement traffic control, a ban on vehicle traffic, deqin county in and out of the vehicles are driven to detour from weixi county, baima snow mountain road traffic recovery time pending, and politician is organized emergency bao tong highway bureau, shoveling snow bao tong cloud seeding operation, ensure the right-of-way can recover as soon as possible.14, on January 28th DiQingZhou observatory continues to release icy roads yellow warning: in the next 24 hours, deqin county DiQingZhou weixi county high altitudes, shangri-la city, road surface temperature is lower than 0 ℃, affected by rain and snow will continue to have an impact on traffic icy roads, please pay attention to guard against.