Fushan District: Big data enables precise matching of supply and demand of employment services

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Popular Newspaper · Popular Daily Client 2022-03-16 17:38:20 “What a surprise!Just a few days after the information was released, employees came to the door, “said Wu, a manager at Yantai Shuanghua Plastic Machinery Co., LTD.In the post-epidemic era, “seeing each other less, staying out of groups and running online” has gradually become the norm in work and life.This year, in order to further accelerate the deep integration of Employment services and the Internet in Fushan District, Yantai Fushan District Employment Talent Center has cooperated with the third party to develop an online service platform to provide more convenient, faster and more efficient precise “cloud push” services for job seekers and enterprises.Since years platform online, fushan district employment talent center actively launch enterprises and job seekers registered login, regularly carry out surveys to collect enterprise employee of employment information, using the grid member of ripe, cooked, cooked, people trust the advantage of a baseline job seekers demand, platform system in labor demand of enterprises and laborers, on the basis of interest by big data intelligent analysis,Accurate detection of qualified job seekers, two-way information push, promote the two-way convergence of employment information and market information demand.”I didn’t expect the platform to work so well, I didn’t expect to find a job without leaving my house, I didn’t expect to find a job in such a short time.”Has been in Yantai Shuanghua plastic machinery Co., Ltd. entry zhang Eldest brother with three “unexpected” to describe their excited mood.So far, it has provided services for more than 100 enterprises in the enterprise zone in the first batch, and completed precise push for more than 300 times, with 50 job seekers in the zone finding their desired jobs through the platform.In the next step, the employment talent Center will carry out “cloud collaboration”, “cloud guidance” and other employment cloud services at the right time while deeply developing the “cloud push” service, so as to provide a full range of “cloud on” employment services for the enterprises and the masses in the area, and to build the brand of Fushan employment cloud service.(Dazhong Newspaper · Dazhong Daily client reporter from Chunlong correspondent Xing Meiteng)