The performance of Micro League has bucked the trend of growth, and institutions are optimistic about the future growth driven by the new commercial operating system of WOS

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After the market on March 28, Micro Alliance released the 2021 performance announcement, the adjusted total revenue in 2021 reached 2.686 billion yuan, a record high;Adjusted gross profit of RMB 1.517 billion increased by 51.3% year on year;Adjusted net loss of 566 million yuan.Among them, the digital business segment achieved 1.967 billion yuan in revenue, subscription solutions and merchant solutions in this segment respectively achieved a high growth of 90.9% and 47.5% year-on-year.The digital media segment earned 719 million yuan.Source:Micro au the public need to emphasize that the 2021 annual micro au r&d spending surge reached 775 million yuan, year-on-year increase of 524 million yuan, considering the large r&d spending growth and macroeconomic overall downward pressure, micro au annual performance is good, also in the SaaS industry overall frustrated market last year gave a boost market confidence,At the time of writing, Microunion was up nearly 12% on its first trading day.Micro Alliance public number big customization strategy gradually release value, TSO whole link marketing achievement is becoming an important promotion of micro Alliance performance sustained growth, through cooperation with industry leading enterprises can not only improve the micro alliance customer value, but also set up the company brand awareness in the industry.In the smart retail section, Weimeng has a leading market share in the fashion retail, commercial real estate, chain convenience and other industries of top 100 customers. Among the Top 100 Fashion retailers in China, Weimeng accounts for 44%, top 100 commercial real estate accounts for 40%, and Top 100 chain convenience stores accounts for 35%.At present, the number of wechat Smart retailers is 6,126, and the number of brand merchants is 1,003, including jiangnan Buyi, Columbia, Mengniu NIUBAY, Yurun, Nippon and many other well-known retailers. The average order revenue of brand merchants is 234,000 YUAN per user.In 2021, the revenue of smart retail of Wechat Alliance reached 426 million yuan, 193.6% year-on-year, and the proportion of subscription solution revenue increased from 20.2% in 2020 to 36%. Smart retail business has become an important engine driving wechat Alliance Group’s big customization strategy.Wechat has completed the technical and operational system layout of “three stores in one body and all-domain operation”, and created a series of benchmark customers for software products and service products.The revenue reached 53.616 million YUAN, up 19.6% year on year, accounting for 4.5% of subscription solution revenue;There are 8,406 smart catering businesses, and the average order income of catering businesses per user is 17,000 yuan.In terms of big customization, in 2021, micro League smart catering services ding Tai Feng, Zuo Ting You Yuan, Yili and other well-known food and beverage brands, by the end of 2021, micro League smart catering customers in China’s top 100 catering accounted for 41%;Food and beverage order income accounted for 51%.In terms of TSO services, in 2021, there will be nearly 500 integrated merchants of wechat League full-link marketing, including more than 50 brand merchants. The TSO merchants GMV will be worth 2 billion yuan and contribute about 50 million yuan to merchant solution revenue.The smooth promotion of large customization strategy and TSO whole link marketing is inseparable from weimeng’s continuous increase in research and development, and the rapid launch of new service products.For example, in November 2021, Weimeng united with Hading to deeply integrate the advantages of both sides, and launched two innovative industry solutions of smart supermarket and smart fresh, which are accelerating the market expansion and are expected to form new incremental performance in the future.Ecological expansion into the deep water area, the effect of international layout at the beginning of the ecological strategy is the base of the growth of Micro League, through the continuous development and expansion of ecological partners, micro League can provide customers with a variety of service products, effectively help customers solve all kinds of problems, reduce cost and improve efficiency.In 2021, Weimeng Cloud PaaS platform continues to empower ecological partners, with more than 50 new high-quality ecological partners and more than 400 new cloud market applications.It is worth paying attention to that the new commercial operating system of WOS was officially opened in March, which is regarded by the market as a comprehensive upgrade of the product force, technical force and ecological force of WOS, as well as a milestone of building the ecological barrier of WOS.Citic Securities directly pointed out that in the current process of enterprise digitization, the data of multiple service providers of different products are often separated, and the demand for multi-terminal integration is strong.WOS is expected to build an integrated product solution based on the Micro-alliance cloud platform, and build ecological barriers based on 7 (CRM, enterprise micro, CDP, transaction, traffic, shopping guide and data 7 own products) +X (ecological products).Source:Micro au public number based on decentralized shifts the pain points and requirements, enterprise digital micro au WOS aims to build a set of quick iteration, strong integration, extensible, flexible customization of business operating system, in order to better fusion mass merchants and many developers to build commercial service ability, mainly in three aspects: improve the strength,Build a SaaS application integration platform with good business experience, create an ecological business innovation front, and provide a PaaS platform with high research and development efficiency.First of all, Weimeng WOS will construct a SaaS application integration platform with good business experience, which can provide merchants with full-link, full-scene, integrated SaaS products and innovative applications;Secondly, weimu WOS will be built into an ecological business innovation front. Weimu will work with partners to serve merchants and meet their standardization and personalized needs.Third, Weimu WOS will provide a PaaS platform with high research and development efficiency for weimu, merchants and ISVs to jointly build and use on an equal basis.For example, WOS provides a strong ability in Taiwan, including orders, goods, etc., while most processes can be arranged, the model is easy to expand, and support the ability of complex organizational structure;Based on the knowledge accumulated in the past, Microunion WOS also provides low-code tools, open component libraries, and the real realization of most of the capabilities can be completed by “drag and drop”;Security through the launch of security special, Tencent set up private security laboratory and launched marketing security products and other measures, to achieve a full range of business, information, basic security protection.The author believes that the official public test of WOS marks the beginning of the transformation of WOS from a SaaS tool manufacturer to a platform and ecological enterprise, and also highlights the strong core technology strength support behind the deep cultivation of commercial service track.By increasing r&d investment, Weimeng can continue to provide customers with safe, stable and reliable digital base.In 2021, WeIMu will make steady progress in its internationalization.After nearly 10 years of development, Weimu has accumulated rich technical and operational advantages in digital commerce and TSO full-link marketing services;At the same time, China supports domestic enterprises to improve their global competitiveness. On March 16 this year, the Special meeting of the Financial Commission of The State Council emphasized “promoting the stable and healthy development of platform economy and improving international competitiveness”, which also provides a good supporting environment for the accelerated expansion of international business of Micro League.In March last year, Weimeng successfully invested in Mabang software, a cross-border e-commerce service provider.Caravan (formerly the caravan software ERP) is a cross-border electricity industry benchmarking enterprises, in the field of ERP and cross-border electricity business solution has the advantage, micro plan through the cooperation with caravan, combines both advantages complementary form synergies, to provide domestic electric business enterprise brand to sea, ERP, supply chain, TSO all link marketing such as full-service,Accelerate the development of micro League internationalization strategy.In July last year, Weimeng officially launched cross-border independent website product ShopExpress, which will provide Chinese sellers with full-link overseas services from 0 to 1, including connecting with overseas mainstream social media, search engines and other channels, to provide sellers with accurate overseas media drainage services;Provide SaaS independent website system to create an independent website that fits the shopping habits of overseas consumers;Professional team to provide comprehensive brand marketing strategy, advertising strategy, enterprise construction, shop operation and other one-stop services for overseas merchants.By the end of 2021, ShopExpress has iterated over 350 product functions and served over 1,000 stores. In the future, its international business is expected to become the new growth pole of Weimu.Digital economy has become a national strategy, SaaS as an important component of digital infrastructure or will take the lead to benefit from the digital economy has risen to the height of the national strategy, and specific proposed to 2025 China’s digital economy core industry added value accounted for 10% of GDP.Specific see the “difference” digital economy development planning “, the digitalization of industry and industrialization become the core direction, such as planning pointed out that “diversification of consumer services expand significantly speeding up, the industrial basic complete digital transition support service system”, which means including retail, catering and other service life forms will accelerate the construction of digital ability,Digitalization is becoming a conventional weapon in various fields. Industries or enterprises that are not armed by digitalization in the future may be at a disadvantage in development.Digital industrialization puts forward, “The independent innovation ability of digital technology has been significantly improved, the supply quality of digital products and services has been greatly improved, the core competitiveness of the industry has been significantly enhanced, and the global leading edge has been formed in some fields.”New industries and new forms of business and new models continue to emerge and spread widely, playing a significantly stronger role in improving the quality and performance of the real economy.”It is not hard to see that the encouragement of digital industrialization indicates that the country hopes to have a group of enterprises with outstanding digital service capabilities to stand out, which can effectively help the digital construction of various industries and promote the efficiency of the real economy.SaaS is undoubtedly one of the important directions of support policies mentioned above.In a traditional economy, infrastructure such as road construction helps the economy. In essence, it increases the speed and efficiency of the interaction between people and people and between goods and people. Goods from previously remote areas can be sold through the continuous extension of roads.Compared with the previous period of great development of traditional infrastructure, China’s basic national conditions have changed significantly. In China, where the Internet penetration rate is fully developed, consumer users and enterprise users are increasingly connected to the Internet.QuestMobile report shows that the number of mobile Internet users in China reached 1.174 billion in December 2021, which can be said to have basically covered the vast majority of participants in China’s economy. Therefore, digital infrastructure will also reflect the effect of traditional infrastructure in the past, and improve the speed and efficiency of person-to-person and person-to-goods interaction with the help of the Internet.In particular, as the country encourages the opening of Internet platforms, some market views hold that the proportion of retail sales channels may be 4:3:3 in the future, that is, the proportion of offline store sales is 40%, the proportion of e-commerce platform sales is 30%, and the proportion of enterprise private sales is 30%.Considering the significant application effect of SaaS to retail enterprises in operation, sales, management and private domain construction, it faces a good development prospect in the context of the great development of digital economy and interconnection.After the insight into this industry trend, we can observe that The Micro Alliance spared no effort to increase the investment in RESEARCH and development, hoping to occupy the highland of technological innovation and seize the opportunity of industry development.As a pioneer in the SaaS industry, Weomu is leading in technical ability and industry customer base, especially in 2021 under the downward pressure of the market, steady growth in performance, stable basic business, sufficient cash flow;At the same time, increase research and development investment to hand over “WOS” results, further consolidate the leading edge of technology, CITIC Securities is expected with the improvement of merchant coverage, the acceleration of commercialization, WOS is expected to become a new growth driver of SaaS, continue to be optimistic about the micro League in the digital economy to play a more important role.