The stove again!A fire broke out in Duyun and burned black

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It is because of the cold weather in winter a lot of people in various ways to keep warm but doing so will have a great potential safety hazard problem recently DouYun city residents a home fire fire rescue jian jiang avenue station called to the scene disposal after arrived at the scene immediately after the scene the fire is not big but smoke accompanied by a cry for help fire rescue personnel quickly divided into two groups by 2 fire rescue personnel single trunk a waterGun to fire the other two firefighters quickly transfer the trapped men back out of the fire field medical personnel to treat after struggling to rescue them for about 5 minutes finally put the fire out the reasons for the fires of heating furnace ignition sofa man for night drunk on heating furnace is sleeping on the sofa work long time high temperature heating furnace ignition sofa fortunately, firefighters disposal timely disaster caseAt about 23:00 on April 17, 2021, a fire broke out on the second floor of the dormitory of water Conservancy Survey Bureau, Hongshan Road, Hongshan Street, Qixingguan District, Bijie City, leaving one person trapped.Thanks to the efforts of the fire and rescue personnel, the trapped people were successfully rescued and handed over to their families. The trapped people are in good condition.It is understood that the cause of the accident is the trapped man drunk bed smoking inadvertently led to a bedroom fire.After the fire, the family including the trapped man, seven people have all fled downstairs, but the man said to take things suddenly ran back upstairs, half a minute less than the fire spread to the living room, the man was eventually trapped in the fire.Case 2 On December 6, 2021, in Wuqing, Tianjin, a man drank and smoked in bed, which caused a fire. Firefighters arrived to put out the fire and asked the man why he drank and was often drunk.The man said he had something on his mind.At the scene, firefighters “talk crosstalk” style to persuade drunk men.Later, the fireman asked the man how the fire started, but the drunk man said he saw something like an onion growing out of the ground, and then the onion caught fire. He also reiterated that it was not a fantasy, and the fireman could not laugh or cry after hearing it.Winter heating must pay attention to safety and practical do people go off the power off the fire do not overload electricity for a long time electricity heating equipment and the surrounding combustible maintain a safe distance must not take life joking, especially after drinking must not smoke in bed