Vasher’s Lake 11: Spell storm

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Bai Xiaoqing lanling and Kim Keer to learn magic, xin Baohi and Ouyang melon shed quickly ran out to see the fun.Bai Xiaoqing to let Lanling play heat, Lanling said that people can kill not disgrace how are not willing to learn, Kim Keer said want to ask for a day off, because the master came.King Kerr master, it is called ishinari gold, gold often mention you, Chloe and he often correspondence with ishinari gold started the king Kerr among jie, by the way the Bai Xiaoqing, little emperors, issues and ouyang GuaPeng all sinned against, king Kerr nervous, Bai Xiaoqing grind let ouyang GuaPeng literally two food served.Shi Chengjin came from a foreign country. Bai Xiaoqing wondered what he would do if he came from a long way without an entourage.Shi Cheng Jin raised his hand, the gout said shaolin vigorously open tablet palm, kneel to the teacher niang rub clothes board knee said seventy-two tan legs, said that the river’s lake for many years, all hands are dead.They quickly retreated, Shi Chengjin continued to talk about his master, xin Baotsutchen to give Shi Chengjin a character autobiography, Bai Xiaoqing want shi Chengjin to teach self-defense.Shi Cheng Jin really wrote a secret book, Bai Xiaoqing heckled him to teach by example, Shi Cheng Jin to pick a strong body in them, and then caught the most emaciated little emperor.The little emperor was in a dilemma. Who knew that Shi Chengjin let him faint with a fist.They surrounded in front of Shi Cheng Jin, Shi Cheng Jin woke up after pointing to the little emperor said he did not speak wude sneak attack, the little emperor is very wronged.Shi Cheng Jin also said that now he is getting older and pay attention to health, but also came up with a strong pill said marriage and children work, Bai Xiaoqing thought wrong, did not expect Shi Cheng Jin said this is a life-saving thing.The little emperor wondered if there was an elixir of immortality, and Shi Chengjin said he had one, adding that he had served as a soldier under Shen Gongbao.Bai Xiaoqing unbearable pull gold keer, this is not a cheater, gold keer said his illusion is absolutely the most severe.Shi Cheng Jin is still bragging, was exposed by Kim Keer, Shi Cheng Jin gave her a symbol she could not say the words.When his eyes glowed, Sheen drank the medicine he said would make people think.Xin took some medicine and wrote several jin of poems in one night, saying that he punched Su Shi and kicked Du Fu. The little emperor and Lanling laughed and said, “This is a children’s song.”Xin was unconvinced and felt that he had drunk too little Shixian wine.Bai Xiaoqing found Shi Chengjin said here to raise a rice lanling, want to let Shi Chengjin find a way to let Lanling stage again, Shi Chengjin took a no shame no manic symbol to Bai Xiaoqing, said that from now on Lanling can stage.Did not expect the next day, Lanling on disheveled hair to run outside naked.Rescued back lanling mentality collapse, at that time with not embarrassed, but now think of want to die of heart have, let alone at that time he has been Shouting I am Lanling.Bai Xiaoqing can only go to find gold keer accounts, eighty-two also to find gold Keer accounts said shi Cheng Jin non said the little emperor a face of timid phase to him to stick xiongqi fu, the results of the little emperor in front of the queen mother son to play torn, but also together bundy, made a disaster.Shi Cheng Jin came to such a long time without a day of quiet, Kim Keer is also very helpless, can only promise to let Shi Cheng Jin back.Kim Keer can only tell the truth and Shi Cheng jin, let him go back and teacher niang reunion, did not expect shi Cheng Jin said teacher niang died a year ago, he only Kim Keer such an apprentice, came out to see her but did not expect to bring her so much trouble.Shi Chengjin decided to leave in the afternoon, but Bai Xiaoqing and others appeared, let Shi Chengjin stay.At this time, Shi Cheng Jin received an invitation to the blind date conference, Shi Cheng Jin immediately took leave to rush to the blind date.Lanling wanted to go out, but also deliberately wear a mask for fear of being recognized.Bai Xiaoqing to Ouyang melon shed pasted a meat and vegetable not avoid symbol, if he only do vegetable vashe also can not open.Did not expect ouyang melon shed even introduced objects are meat and vegetable not bogey, anxious To Gold Kerr hurriedly chasing him to explain.To let the queen mother forget this thing, small emperor tube gold keer wanted a bottle of amnesia water, did not think of medicine quantity to give much, the queen mother even himself is who forget.