What might happen to the jade industry in Hotan this year…Some of them get cold, some of them grow crazy

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The New Year has begun, the New Year, whether do jade people or play jade people, may have a variety of expectations.How will hetian jade market be this year?What else will happen in hetian jade industry this year?We can’t know what will happen in the future, but we can make some small predictions.How will hetian jade market be this year?Finished products in pupin low (live with the form of goods, so that some pupin prices gradually reduced) finished products and raw stone has been hetian Jade in the two key words.And for finished products, it is very complex, there are some commodity categories of general goods, there are some of the following general goods, and some boutique products.With the popularity of the Internet and live broadcasting in recent years, many people may have found that the price of some finished products is becoming lower.With the rise of live broadcasting, the price of Hetian jade has become more transparent than ever before, and the competition of each live broadcasting room has also lowered the price of finished products step by step.A lot of novices used to be afraid of 1000 things, but now 1000 products may sell for only 1200.Especially for some low-end finished products, the price is being pushed down step by step.This may still be the case, not because the value of Hetian jade has decreased, but because of hidden competition that drives down profits and prices in the hetian jade industry.However, this situation is a good thing for players like Hetian Jade, with relatively less money, to buy a more appropriate finished product.This started to happen last year and is expected to become more so this year.All kinds of raw materials are rising again (the improvement of the awareness of Hetian jade and the diversity of live broadcast make all kinds of finished products digest faster and raw materials become just needed). When the price of some finished products is not so high, raw materials are rising slowly in another way.In recent years, the rise of live broadcasting has actually made raw materials more tense, and each studio is faced with a problem: shortage of stock!Many people feel that there are so many things in the market, how can it be out of stock, but the real situation is, can not find the goods!At this time, raw materials become a must to solve the problem, when there are raw materials, to make finished products.So there is still a big demand for raw materials this year.On the other hand, when demand for raw materials grows, prices rise, no matter how well finished products sell.This raw material actually includes many, expect mountain material from seed, from white jade to colored jade.We find that the prices of all kinds of raw materials have gone up in recent years.One is because each kind of jade began to sprout in the market development, players began to accept the seed material outside the various mountain material.And the other side is raw materials are just needed.Every studio needs raw materials to make finished products, especially raw materials other than seeds, which can not be bought but can only be turned to other materials.So the price of all kinds of materials began to rise, maybe not so fast, but every time to go is a price, is a lot of people turned the market a deep perception.”New kinds of jade” emerge in endlessly, seed makings is expensive, colored jade good kind of material is expensive, some half underground jade began to emerge, to gain more profit) hetian jade finished product profit down step by step in recent years, it has been a big problem, finished product although there is a certain profit, but the profit is not enough to make up for the prices of raw materials.A finished product sold to earn 5000, but later to buy the raw material will find that the sold money is not enough to buy the raw material.Such a cycle, many businesses found that a year down, losing money!Some studios fill the gap from craft and raw materials, but some smaller studios and businesses find it difficult to do so.And the only way to do that is to find cheaper raw materials.So the jade species that we didn’t know about before began to emerge.”New jade species” is not new, but we usually know little about them, has been in a semi-underground state.For example, before the Luodian material is one of them, at the beginning of a lot of people do not know it, a lot of people with Luodian material posing as Huang Qin obtained certain benefits.And there are a lot of similar raw materials on the market, such as Pakistan jasper, Dubai jade, some blue and white, ink jade and so on.The use of less recognized raw materials to pass off more expensive materials is a non-negligible situation this year.And to play jade people, to see more, for some do not understand the best kind of jade less shot.Some seed material raw stone cold (the major auction houses began to abandon the sky-high raw stone, boutique raw stone price is too high, lack of profit, businesses are no longer willing to sell) seed material elements have been around the noun, and it has been very hot.But from last year, there is a small trend, that is seed raw stone price is too expensive, businesses are not willing to go over the high price to buy especially expensive seed material, or can not afford to buy.In addition, we also can discover in each big auction last year, the seed masted raw stone of a few day price begins to become less, this is a lot of auction perhaps painstakingly for it.Good seed material raw stone price is too expensive, it is difficult to clinched a deal, secondly, too high price will affect the development of the market, in order to make the whole system of the market can have better development, the price of raw stone needs to be corrected slowly.Of course, these raw stones include some pieces of large play material, some fine leather material, and some good big seed material raw stone and so on.High-quality seed masts price is exhigh, let the market digest hard, a lot of people turn to a few quality relatively poor do masts, seek more profit from cut masts.Tibetan quality goods price rise (good raw materials are too expensive, Tibetan grade finished products are less and less, like white wine, rise year after year!Many people feel that hetian jade will be cold this year, will the price fall?Some will go down, but some prices will go up significantly, and that’s the Tibetan quality.From the Angle that collect for, the finished product of a few Tibet class can have the rise of certain degree every year, and from the Angle of raw material, good seed mastow price is too expensive, a lot of workrooms lock good mastow into safe, dare not carve, let a few good high-quality goods change so less and less!And those who have already made the boutique, the studio will be reluctant to sell, the price is more expensive and stronger, the room for negotiation is less and less!This is also a normal imagination in jade carving, the price of spire works must be high, it has no cost performance, let alone “live fire sale”!It’s only going to get more expensive!This is this year may appear some market situation, in fact, hetian jade industry has been very rational, but also around the law of the market in the development.Good things are becoming more and more expensive, and some general products in the price to a certain range of time, it will comply with the law of the market, raw materials just need in the future will be more and more obvious, all kinds of materials also began to be recognized by players, the market……What do you think of the hetian jade market this year?What will be the price of Hetian jade, what will become more expensive?I hope you can find that little vent