Actors and roles are mutually successful, and Zhou Dongyu deserves to win the Golden Horse Award

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Actors and roles themselves are mutually successful. Zhou Dongyu deserves the Golden Horse Award. Zhou Dongyu has film resources, but the quality of the resources is really mediocre.Ni Ni’s second play is to cooperate with Liu Ye.There are also chinese-French co-productions produced by Luc Besson, including the oscar-winning actor and actress, and one with Liao Fan chang Chen.Winter rain leg type is caused by a variety of bad posture, is a bone problem, even if the skinny leg needle will not become straight.Look for a long time instead feel the image of the good girl in the past surprised for heaven, quiet and clever, may now be too thin but also more fashionable.First she got a leg thinning shot, a whitening shot.Adjusted the figure of whole and color of skin, whole person clear thin foreign atmosphere, again the dress turns divine pen.If you don’t have the first two, you can’t wear anything.Ma Sichun has a modeling team with her, but she doesn’t look as good as the yellow duck. I think it’s her temperament, which is also very important. She is more confident.I don’t think it’s the stylist, it’s the fashion of the time.Look at other contemporary stars, modeling is similar.How I feel is because The Times have changed, everyone’s aesthetic has changed, now look before many people’s modeling is very ugly.I am short and thin, not how to dress, two years of work and people say I look like a minor.Facial features pale and bangs, also want to consider the forehead condition.Zhou Dongyu dong Jie Liu Shishi’s forehead full of development, and not backward tilt, can be exposed.The length of hair should also consider the ratio of head to body, absolute head size, and face shape.I think Zhou Dongyu’s style just follows the trend.Bangs like that were in fashion before, short hair like this is in fashion now suit her.Her legs are not straight caused by uneven muscles, which can be straight through exercise and weight loss.She is the career type of life, originally like your heroine is not now this way, the result was later decided Zhou Dongyu to play, two people were temporarily caught in the past with the group, while filming while changing the script, is tailored for her.Just look at the ratings of her TV series.I think the public thinks she’s a good actress.The ratings are good and the box office is good. Maybe there really is such a thing as a hero’s aura.Zhou dongyu’s acting in July and Peace is good, but the best part of her personal feeling is when She dies at the end of July, her emotions erupt and slowly come back there.Actors and characters are mutually successful, so Zhou dongyu’s Golden Horse award was not because she was playing herself. Many Oscar-winning actors and actresses are also in a certain way.However, as an actor, only when he tries different directions can he be recognized as a good actor without getting tired.