Because the asset risk classification system is not in place, wuyang County rural credit union was fined 1.1 million

2022-05-26 0 By

Net financial News on January 26, according to the CBRC official website on January 25 news, China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission luohe Branch announced administrative penalty information disclosure form (ta Silver regulatory penalty decision [2022] no. 1) shows thatWuyang County Rural Credit Cooperative Association due to the asset risk classification system is not in place, loan funds were embezzled, in violation of the national macro-control policies to issue loans, large risk exposure exceeded,Luohe silver protects inspect bureau according to “the loan risk classification guide” (silver JianFa [2007] 54) article 10, “interim measures for management of working capital loans” (order no. 1, 2010 of the China banking regulatory commission), article 9 of the personal loan management interim measures “(the China banking regulatory commission to [2010] no. 2) of article 35, the China banking regulatory commission on banking risk prevention and controlWork guidance (silver JianFa [2017] no. 6) of article 22, the China banking regulatory commission on further strengthening the real estate credit management notice “(silver JianFa [2006] 54) of article 4, the measures for the administration of the large commercial Banks risk exposure (silver circ makes no. 1, 2018) in article 7, the bank of the People’s Republic of ChinaArticle 46 of the Industry Supervision and Administration Law shall impose a fine of 1.1 million yuan on the company on January 20, 2022.