Chen Guofeng gaunt appearance, revealed that due to the epidemic in low ebb, two months of income is zero blow

2022-05-26 0 By

Recently, 39-year-old male star penny chan rare appearance, the appearance he was wearing a black T-shirt, wearing a white mask, mask hide not his handsome face, but his overall temperament feels slightly careworn, his hands still holding a white canvas bag, bag inside put a lot of medicines, after all, now is during the period of the outbreak, he is also a positive protection.For epidemic situation in recent years, penny chan revealing their work has come to the stage, comprehensive lockout his father had died, mother also like he confirmed new crown, his wife has shut down for two months, these life hit has made him feel quite sad, there was a time of rice to eat, when to his father to heavy,They try to keep it very simple and save money.Penny chan also said when tested, now he has Yang overcast, nucleic acid detection but also can only be restored by about seventy percent, his lungs, breathing, still have a lot of problems, the sense of smell is not as good as in the past, maybe this is a new crown symptoms brought his legacy, at the moment, as long as the walk, he will be panting, whole person is inferior to the original state of a lot of times,I feel like I’m years older.In addition to the physical condition in constant deterioration, penny chan now show that still need to accept yourself friends bring alms and outreach, can barely afford the rent, he had tried to do a porter to make more money, or walking in the direction of the catering industry, but these areas and industry now is still uncertain, he also don’t know, what can you do it.Manager of TVB Eric tsang for penny chan also does not have too many special care, cause he has been in TVB had a very hard, income also less unceasingly, after hearing what he said, a lot of people feel a little sorry for him, also hope that he can snap out of it, and even netizens suggested can help him, let him have more chance to face to face with the outbreak,Fight economic problems.Chen also complained of unfair treatment by TVB and another variety show last year. He posted an article saying he was denied the right to compete because of his age, and he hoped the show would address his complaint to avoid chilling him.Penny chan joined TVB has more than ten years, he successfully through a singing contest entrants, but into the line after the situation is getting worse, did not like his imagination, will soon become a star, get better development, in fact, he still has a long time, without meals, didn’t also the way to raise their children as well, but in the eyes of the outside world,He’s still a good dad for his kids.Roof leak that night when the rain, after the father suffer accident die, penny chan soon drying out a piece of the photos on the Internet, since he didn’t for this group of photos with copy, but from his blue eyes and deep eyes, everyone seems to have, you can see that he is really mind very worried, confused, dressed only in a simple white dress,His stubble and hair have not been taken care of. The epidemic has brought a lot of inconvenience to his life. I hope he can live a better life in the future.