Sprint for 100 days!E Cheng District released the “300” action plan

2022-05-26 0 By

Industry and enterprise is the core of the county economy support industry is strong, strong enterprise strong county and the industrial development and accelerated the economy cannot leave the high quality project of agglomeration and drive even more to the first-class business environment do support spring is the golden period of project construction city is in the year of the tiger spring breeze in the county economy of hubei “the province’s top ten, the national top” target on, pentium leap!On February 12th,City of hubei has released the “three hundred” series of action plan “three hundred” action is to accelerate the development of county economy, high quality “combination” and “key”, “three hundred” action is closed loop through the “one hundred – day engines” quickly set off projects “boom” by “one hundred – day battle” sustained burns investment promotion and capital introduction “fire” by “one hundred – day race to business environment” adhere to the “high””Out of thin air” “have in unripe excellent” “excellent in be strong” continue to increase the intensity that catches a project the heat that catches business attraction, the intensity that catches an environment hit county area economy to develop battle integral in battle plan clear what struggle target?What are the measures to benefit enterprises?I’ve teased out the highlights for you