Those opposing anchors may be disappointed that the public opinion is not biased

2022-05-26 0 By

Inside, we all knew that great changes had taken place in my uncle’s house.Things are too tragic, Uncle Xu is not in a good state recently, and did not rest well. We should let Uncle Xu recover slowly under the company and understanding of his family, take good care of his body, and then let uncle out to talk.These days, there are a few people without a bottom line, deliberately call uncle, let uncle come out with goods, let go to his studio platform.I don’t know what these people think, is there any family, nothing happened at home?And isn’t that what you’re calling about, uncle Xu or about the yellow bike or rice?For all intents and purposes, these people have no rules or boundaries.Let Uncle Xu come out here in this state, attack him, kidnap him, and then pick a bone with a magnifying glass?To drive a wedge between the Xu family and the Yao family again, so as to achieve your so-called purpose?Such a long time, people with ulterior motives may be disappointed, netizens have their own right and wrong judgment ability, not to be biased, public opinion will not be biased because of a few people.We all know that if your children are wrong, is it wrong to ask for the truth?The fact is that xu Min made a mistake in the pharmacy many years ago, and their family raised a sick child for many years. Finally, they were heavily in debt, the house was occupied, and their own son was completely out of the house.Support Xu Min family to find the truth, come on.