A post-90s girl who works as a grave sweeper bows more than 200 times a day until her legs become weak, and prices start at 88 yuan

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“I replace them to do the work of mourning, just as they accompany the deceased side, this love and heart is very beautiful and precious.I’m proud of my work.”This is what Ding Xiaoli said in an interview.Picture 190 Girl Ding Xiaoli chose a job that her family did not understand. At the beginning, her family strongly opposed her working in a cemetery, but Ding xiaoli insisted on being herself.Its family thinks after a period of time, Ding Xiaoli will leave by herself, but what makes the family did not think is Ding Xiaoli can persist until now.Because of the epidemic, Ding Xiaoli came to the public, so that people know this kind and honest henan girl after 90.Of course, Ding xiaoli is just a representative of many cemetery workers.Of course, while people expressed their gratitude to Ding xiaoli, some voices of doubt emerged.”Take people’s money, help people to eliminate disasters, her work is like this, there is nothing worthy of respect.”When Ding xiaoli read the comments, she laughed them off without giving any explanation.How much is Ding Xiaoli’s salary?What do they do every day at work?These issues are of Paramount concern to the public.In fact, Ding Xiaoli’s salary is the same as that of ordinary workers, around 3,000 to 4,000 yuan. Unlike the rumors on the Internet, Ding Xiaoli’s salary can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan.FIG. 2 The reason why people have a deep misunderstanding of Ding Xiaoli’s salary is related to the funeral home recruitment that was circulated online before.There was a hot job Posting online for a funeral home worker with a salary of 10 million yuan.At that time, many netizens hoped that they could get the job because they only had to work for half a month and pay five insurances and one housing fund.Of course, most of the netizens are just talking, many netizens are not competent at this job, after all, this job does have some difficulty.But funeral homes have long been the subject of discussion because of their high pay and benefits.And Ding Xiaoli’s work and funeral home work have similarities.And because of the epidemic, many homeless people who can’t go home to visit their graves will ask the cemetery staff to do it for them.Of course, this also needs to pay a certain fee.In the eyes of the outside world, Ding xiaoli’s salary level must be higher than 99% of ordinary people.However, when customers ask cemetery staff to sweep tombs, most of them are in the Qingming festival and the days with specific significance. Besides the Qingming Festival, customer demand is not high.Figure 3 and clear some of the generation of martyrs’s services are free, some are need to pay fees, of course, different needs of customers need to pay the cost of different, cost is about 88 yuan to 300 yuan, so xiao-li ding cemetery staff such as income only in recent years the tomb-sweeping day, will be increased,Ding xiaoli earns around 3,000 yuan most of the time.Ding Xiaoli’s job is to introduce some cemetery conditions for customers and do some work of receiving customers.However, ding’s job has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people are unable to visit the graves of their loved ones.However, Chinese people attach great importance to Tomb-sweeping Day.Many of them were caught in a dilemma, and then some came up with a solution: they could ask the cemetery staff to sweep the grave for them.This can not only respond to the call of the country, but also express the thoughts of loved ones.Of course, it can also bring some extra income to the cemetery staff.Ding xiaoli and her colleagues began to sweep the tombs, a job that many consider easy as it only needs to be carried out in a cemetery.And you can get paid pretty well.But that’s not the case.Due to the different needs of customers, Ding Xiaoli needs to meet the special needs of each customer when she sweeps tombs.FIG. 4 Sometimes, customers need Ding Xiaoli to help them buy some of the food their relatives liked to eat. However, most of the graveyards are located in the suburbs, so Ding Xiaoli needs to spend a lot of time in the city to buy the food customers need.What’s more, sometimes the items she needs to buy are so niche that Ding has to travel far to buy them.However, no matter what the customer requirements, Ding Xiaoli will do her best to meet them.Of course, this is only preparatory work, qingming festival, only preparatory work, Ding Xiaoli need to do about half a month.On Qingming Day, Ding and her colleagues need to get up at 6 am to freshen up and start their solemn work.”I am my client” Ding xiaoli sees herself as a client when she sweeps tombs to better convey her clients’ grief.Although qingming festival, Ding Xiaoli’s customers are more, but Ding Xiaoli does not perfunctory any customer.At each tomb, Ding xiaoli would stand straight and bow three times before placing the items required by the client in front of the deceased’s tomb as required by the client. At the same time, ding xiaoli would kneel down and take out the tomb sweeping tools prepared for the deceased.Ding Xiaoli cleans every place carefully.Try to keep all areas clean of dust.After the work is done, Ding will take out the letters prepared by her clients and read them to the deceased. When it’s all over, Ding will bow and bow again.Of course, Ding xiaoli’s colleagues are responsible for recording all these processes. After the tomb is cleaned, the records will be sent to customers.For 13 hours from 6 o ‘clock to 7 o ‘clock, Ding xiaoli almost didn’t stop to have a rest, because there was a great demand for the tomb sweeping work on Tomb-sweeping day. In order to help all the clients finish the tomb sweeping work, Ding Xiaoli often forgot to eat.On her busiest days, Ding had to sweep more than 20 tombs and bow for more than 200 times a day until her legs became weak and she was so tired that she could not straighten her back for several days.Although Ding Xiaoli’s work is very hard.But Ding xiaoli was very happy.Because I helped a lot of people.For Ding xiaoli, this is not only a job, but also a responsibility.Customers express their thoughts and grief to their loved ones in heaven through themselves. They are a medium and their role is crucial.Therefore, ding Xiaoli is devout when completing the tasks assigned by clients.Why did Ding Xiaoli come to work in the cemetery?Is she doing it because she likes it?When she chose this career, how did people around her look?As the number of clients increased, Ding xiaoli gradually emerged in public.But to the public’s surprise, the “surrogate” was a young girl.In the public imagination, the “surrogate” may be an elderly woman.However, a young girl can do this job is beyond the imagination of many people.But ding xiaoli, 25, has been working at the cemetery for five years.A lot of people ask, “Why would a young woman choose this career?”This is one of the most frequently asked questions from the public after Ding xiaoli’s story came to light.Ding laughs off such comments, as she has answered similar questions many times before.At the beginning Ding Xiaoli is under chance coincidence, came to the cemetery work.Ding Xiaoli, who has no job, came here on the recommendation of a friend.Of course Ding Xiaoli wants to find a job that suits him only in old home, to the job did not have too big requirement, come to graveyard actually before, Ding Xiaoli does not know working place is graveyard.”If I had known who it was, I might have hesitated.””This is ding Xiaoli’s answer. However, after the successful employment, Ding Xiaoli just wants to find a job and support herself.Then Ding xiaoli chose to stay.When Ding Xiaoli will tell the news to parents, parents did not see the joy of her daughter to find a job, but is unusually angry, ask Ding Xiaoli will quit the job.”We’ll find you another job.”Fig.7 Ding Xiaoli was not satisfied with her job, but after seeing her parents’ attitude, she decided to stick to it.Of course, it is a very difficult thing to stick to, itself Ding Xiaoli is a very timid girl, do not dare to alone up the mountain for the festival.The cemetery also took ding xiaoli’s actual situation into consideration and arranged a relatively easy post for ding xiaoli, who did not need to contact the cemetery.Ding Xiaoli only needs to do the service work in the early stage, which ding Xiaoli is very satisfied with. With the increase of working hours, Ding Xiaoli is more and more handy, fear is reduced, because in Ding Xiaoli’s opinion, there is no big difference between this job and ordinary sales.Gradually I felt a sense of belonging to the cemetery.At the same time ding Xiaoli is more and more familiar with the business.When the cemetery is busy, Ding xiaoli needs to go up the mountain with her colleagues to sweep tombs.It was a new challenge for Ding, who was terrified even when accompanied by colleagues.After the grave work, Ding Xiaoli returned home, a kind of “survival” thought.Ding xiaoli, who was with her colleagues, was not particularly afraid as she made more and more trips to the mountains to visit the tombs.However, when the cemetery is extremely busy, Ding xiaoli has to go to the mountain alone to sweep the tomb.Figure 8. After hearing the news, Ding Xiaoli could not accept it, but she could not refuse it. After working in the cemetery, Ding Xiaoli knew that one day she would go up to the mountain alone to sweep the grave.In order to be able to successfully complete the task, Ding Xiaoli did a long time of psychological construction.To the prescribed time, Ding Xiaoli alone up the mountain, in the mountain on the road Ding Xiaoli extremely afraid, footsteps extremely deep.To the tomb, Ding Xiaoli according to the process of grave work, although very afraid, but Ding Xiaoli at work, forget the fear.After finishing the work meticulously, Ding Xiaoli remembered to be afraid and walked down the mountain quickly.At night, ding xiaoli had nightmares for several days.At work, Ding Xiaoli’s mood is low and spirit is flagging, colleagues found ding Xiaoli is not in a good state, often tell some jokes, hoping to help her ease the uneasy mood.Under the comfort of her colleagues, Ding xiaoli’s mood gradually improved.”At first, I was very afraid and even wanted to give up this job, but gradually I became brave under the encouragement and comfort of my colleagues.”Although Ding xiaoli accepted the job, her friends and relatives did not accept it. Her parents still hoped that ding could find a new job, give up this job and return to a normal life.Every time Ding xiaoli comes home, her parents talk about the problem.The end result is often unhappy parting.Of course, Ding Xiaoli also understands her friends’ feelings. Therefore, ding xiaoli will not attend any happy event of marriage and childbirth.I’m afraid my friends will think otherwise about the job.Even if friends repeatedly admonished Ding Xiaoli hope it can witness their own happiness.In most cases, Ding said no.Ding xiaoli loved her job so much that she worked in the cemetery for five years and devoted her youth to the cemetery.Deeply moved, transfer missing in this 5 years of working time, Ding Xiaoli encountered a lot of touching things, Ding Xiaoli alone up the mountain, the idea of changing the job has been wandering in Ding Xiaoli’s mind.What made Ding give up the idea was that she saw the Chinese characters “Forget me not” in the tombstone of a deceased person.Ding xiaoli was instantly moved. In Ding xiaoli’s opinion, the dead are not afraid of death. They worry about being forgotten by the world and their loved ones.Ding xiaoli realized the significance of her career and remembered the advice given to her by an aunt who had worked for a long time: “Our existence is a respect for life, but also a cultural inheritance.”After that, Ding xiaoli loved this job even more. Before, Ding Xiaoli did not dare to share her job with others, and every time others asked her job, Ding Xiaoli would prevaricate.But after this incident, Ding xiaoli is willing to share her job with others.Ding xiaoli speaks proudly of her profession.For Ding, a “thank you” from a customer can make her happy for a long time. She considers it recognition for her work.Fig10. Ding Xiaoli once had a customer who needed her to peel an apple for her father in heaven and send the apple peel to her.At that time Ding Xiaoli was particularly confused, but still in accordance with the requirements of the customer to do, and finally Ding Xiaoli knew that the original customer’s father gave her the apple peeling, told his daughter he did not want to eat, but secretly in the kitchen to eat apple peel.Now living conditions are good, but my father is gone, I want to commemorate my father in this way.Ding xiaoli has encountered many touching stories in the course of her work. Ding xiaoli is willing to be a medium to spread love and visit the graves of her clients’ deceased relatives.Of course, the outside world has different views on Ding Xiaoli’s career. Some people think that Ding Xiaoli’s career has no meaning, while others think that Ding Xiaoli’s career is a kind of transmission of love.Ding xiaoli is very grateful for the support from the outside world, and she also understands the voices that the outside world does not understand.Thanks to the rise of “grave sweeping”, many “Internet celebrities” have also caught on to the trend and streamed live broadcasts to cemeteries.Disturbed the peace of the cemetery.Every occupation has its own meaning, regardless of rank or rank. Ding Xiaoli and her colleagues have a sincere heart.Solve problems for customers.However, livestreamer takes it as a means of profiteering, exposing customers’ privacy and affecting their lives.This kind of behavior does not respect the deceased, but also affects the social atmosphere. Tomb sweeping is a traditional Virtue of The Chinese nation, not a means of grandstanding.