Bahraini driver has been dismissed after repeatedly violating the team’s quarantine regulations

2022-05-27 0 By

Bahrain Victorious team has decided to terminate Alejandro Osorio’s contract with Bahrain Victorious with immediate effect due to his numerous violations.In a brief statement on social media, the team confirmed that the 23-year-old was no longer with the team.Official statement: “Bahrain Victory has parted ways with Alejandro Osorio. Bahrain Victory has terminated alejandro Osorio’s contract after numerous violations.The team wishes Alejandro all the best for the future.”The Colombian climber signed a two-year deal with the Bahrain team after leaving Agbank.After joining Bahrain at the start of the season, he raced just eight days, including seven stages of the Tour of the United Arab Emirates and the White Road race (unfinished).Osorio’s contract was terminated last week when official termination documents were sent to UCI headquarters in Switzerland, according to the team.”If he wants to talk, he can explain,” said team manager Milan Erzen.”He made a lot of mistakes from the beginning and we can’t accept that.He violated the coronavirus regulations and put riders and staff in trouble.There are some things you can’t accept. We have a team of 100 people and the rules apply to everyone.We warned him several times after his mistake, but he did it again, so we decided to terminate the contract.”Editor: can is