In the countryside, cousin tired of the son of puppy love success, but why he is not happy?

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A few days ago, my uncle’s cousin called me to borrow fifty thousand yuan for his son’s wedding gift.I said: “The child is not old, why suddenly want to get married?”Cousin very helplessly answer me: “there is no way ah, the girl’s parents hurry tight, this kind of thing should have been the man active is, now the woman’s home active, I really can’t sit.I wanted to take advantage of this time to work more, to earn five or six hundred dollars a day, and to bring more money home by the end of the year. But the girl’s father called me twice or three times a day, urging me to hurry back and prepare for my child’s marriage.”I encouraged my cousin in the side said: “the child marriage is a good thing, since the others urged, then cheer up to do it well!”However, my cousin said dully: “Brother, you do not know my family background, even if we are capable, at that time also can not cope with.Not to mention the amount spent on buying a house in town earlier, last year, 68,000 yuan was spent on wedding gifts, including clothes and other gifts, totaling nearly 80,000 yuan.Now to get married, three gold no matter yellow or white this is essential.The bride price of 188,000 this is clearly marked, to buy a lower level of the car also want more than 100,000, other miscellaneous miscellaneous eight do not count, you snap your fingers for me to calculate, light rely on our two sons to earn money, plus the land of that point output, enough for me to drink a pot of it?”I lost no time to chime in: “I heard that your son and the girl are free love, is the girl after your son, and you and the in-laws are very good?Can’t it be necessary to do one thing at a time like this?””Although female chasing male, in-laws are also very harmonious, the critical moment people in this respect will not be ambiguous, all kinds of ceremonies and the amount of money in people’s eyes is face.I begged for mercy to the in-laws, begged the 188,000 betrothed gift temporarily first dispense with, I hit a ious to him, the result somebody else jilted a word — your face is worth those money.It put me right against the south wall.”My cousin followed my words.In order to ease my cousin’s anxiety, I deliberately said a word to comfort him: “Anyway, you two are capable, not afraid.”After hearing my words, my cousin laughed at himself and said, “Yes, everyone knows that my two are very capable, but my son…”Speaking of his son, cousin was about to speak but stopped.In fact, I know something about my cousin’s son.When the boy was only fourteen or fifteen years old, he was already six feet tall.Regular features, beautiful features, looks in addition to the face with childlike outside is a no problem big boy.However, the most headache for parents is his special weariness, primary school somehow mixed down, to junior high school did not go to a semester, automatically dropped out of school.He spends all day playing games and surfing the Internet on his bed, where wires, plugs and routers are twisted together like a tangle of hemp.The bed and the ground are littered with discarded snacks.Because of his outstanding appearance, he is very popular with little girls. Although he is absent-minded at school, he is very interested in falling in love at his young age.Today to meet this girl, tomorrow to meet that girl, maybe birds of a feather flock together to group points, and his association is also the school tube, parents do not want to tube and very tired of the girl.Anyway, he spent years at home playing video games or dating girls.Once, the child received a girl’s call for a date, so he got on an electric bike and hurried to the date with gifts.As a result of the speed too fast, in a corner, even people with cars fell into a deep ditch, resulting in their own knee joint fracture, other parts and many injuries.The local county-level hospital saw that he was so young and injured that they dared not accept treatment and had to recommend him to xuzhou orthopaedic specialist hospital for treatment.To the orthopaedic hospital, the original and I do not associate with the cousin suddenly called me, said that my son injured very badly, if not timely treatment is likely to cause lifelong disability.Let me send $50,000 right away, by all means, as an immediate relief.Nothing is more important than treating people, so I sent the money without saying a word.After several surgeries and more than a year of rehabilitation, the child ended up with few lingering effects.Although the hospital treatment cost 60 to 70 thousand yuan, the thought of losing money may be able to eliminate the disaster, my cousin’s heart was relieved a lot.Perhaps the boy was touched by the accident. After he recovered, he finally went to the city to learn how to cut hair.He had not been in town long before he brought home a handsome girl friend.Then the girl’s parents insist on a proper engagement ceremony.So cousin side in addition to the sixty-eight thousand order wedding, and bought some clothes and so on the girl like things, and put four tables in the city banquet, please both relatives, elders to attend.I didn’t expect to be engaged for more than a year, the girl’s parents took the initiative to put forward the wedding as soon as possible.My cousin wanted to take a breather, work for another two or three years, save up some money and have more money to hold his son’s wedding.But the girl’s parents afraid of night long dream, so it forced cousin must be in the Spring Festival before and after the wedding to do.A few days before the Spring Festival, I went to my uncle’s home to send boxing gifts, put down the gift I gave my uncle congratulate, congratulate his grandson on the eighth day of the Chinese New Year will be held wedding.Never think uncle, 妗子 full face of being angry: “get married!Get married!This can how, Chinese New Year only 18 years old, the wedding spend money is borrowed — elder sister to lend thirty-five thousand, second sister to lend forty thousand, cousin to lend thirty thousand…”I echoed: “still take from me…””How can I borrow money from you?”I could not get the words out of my mouth when my uncle exclaimed in surprise, ‘If I had known earlier I never would have let you lend him the money!’I see uncle, 妗子 so worried and angry, I had to use words to comfort them: “the old don’t have to worry, cousin they couple so capable, and now and earn points in previous years that era is different, now the opportunity to earn more money is, as long as efforts will soon be able to earn money back.”Listen to my words, uncle, 妗子 immediately stretch a lot of eyebrows.妗子 also pulled me to the side quietly told me: “not afraid of nephew joke, I this grandson said to learn craft, in fact, did not go to learn, all day in the city blind, white money rental for his eating and drinking.”I retorted: “How can you call it a waste of money, this is not to bring your granddaughter-in-law home!Some families don’t know where to send a hundred and eighty-eight thousand dollars.”妗子 immediately echo me: “also, also!”Wedding day, fireworks firecrackers put is omnipresent, banquet put more than 40 tables, but also invited a professional wedding company presided over the wedding, held the traditional worship ceremony, and in ten boys and girls surrounded by the red carpet, walk the runway, the groom holding a bouquet of flowers on one knee to propose…I saw the wedding so grand, scenery, could not help but pull my cousin to one side to praise some, which knew my cousin with a face of tired, very helplessly said: “brother, where do you know I this is a toad pad table leg, can only stand up!”In rural areas, where the gender ratio is severely unbalanced, the early marriage of a boy represents the success of the boy and the family as a whole.But like cousin has no survival skills, and no ability to panic, so young to get married, everything must rely on gnawing old and overdraw the future, which makes their parents miserable.”