Is the second wrist watch worth buying?3 pieces of knowledge, teach you easy to learn second-hand watches

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Is the second wrist watch worth buying?We quote some of the experience of deep friends to tell you, two wrist table is obviously very worth starting, but it is not easy to get a decent two wrist table.You don’t know what a second wrist watch goes through before it gets to you, or even what hand it is.The advantages of two wrist table is a lot of friends around the past, watch play to the end, is always to contact two wrist table, because two wrist table is at least lower than the new table 1/3 or more price, low price is one of the attractive factors.Two watches have been the removal of middlemen’s profits, the removal of hot speculation “flashy”, the final table friends recognized value, after less devaluation.There is also a reason that a few classic old watch, broken production of limited watches can only go to the second-hand market.Tao itself also is a kind of fun, the design that encounters a few heart randomly also is a kind of experience.Two wrist watch industry is very complex, all kinds of change, turn, match, fake means emerge in an endless stream, especially in the inland market, want to find an original watch is not easy.Most watches are refurbished after modification, case, mirror, watchband, ear are likely to be matched, and even the movement may be bulk.Any non-original accessories will affect the price of two watches, novice if there is no discerning ability, then 90% will be blinded.In fact, watch renovation, polishing, cleaning is the normal, do not have to be too surprised.Two wrist watch price two wrist watch price changes, there is no unified standard, mainly including the original degree, integrity, appearance, accessories, whether in protection, whether special, limited edition or commemorative edition, or parallel goods.No matter which changes, the price will also change, which is the reason why the price of the second wrist table is complex.Still, we have a set of patterns to look at. For example, a full-pack of near-new watches is worth far more than a bare watch, a watch under warranty is worth more than an over-insured watch, and a hot watch in the market is worth more than a niche watch.The value of the current primary market determines the price of the secondary market, which requires us to pay more attention to the price of the favorite style, see more and ask less, over time, the brain will have a reference and contrast.Watch friends just began to contact the watch began to wash two watches, this is very dangerous.Two wrist table for a certain watch knowledge of friends, two watches although complex, but not to start.Learn more about the knowledge of the watch, start with their familiar models, do more homework before starting, do not touch the unfamiliar brand of the minority, the more new, the lower the risk.Read more, learn more, compare more, listen less to the business to tell a story.