Suitable for a family of three Ford saloon car, with 2.0t +6AT easy to get started and save worry, the space is quite large

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Hello, Hello ~ have a lot of netizens like based on the new ford transit chassis with rv created, but more mind B vehicle space again, so today I am to have such a demand for Internet users to find such a ford small top saloon car – Rio sharp little forehead sharp standard edition, fast ~ first of all, let’s take a look at its specific configuration in the chassis,The whole car is built based on the new smooth chassis of Ford. The whole car adopts the consistent color matching of Toprester simple series. The basic color of white is matched with blue and yellow lines, which looks very refreshing and comfortable.So the height of the vehicle is not more than 3 meters, but also for the road in the future to provide a better pass rate.The external configuration of the body is relatively simple, with manual awning, external pulling stove, water and electricity connections and storage compartments, which can meet the daily needs of life.Power aspect, this saloon car is equipped with a 2.0t gasoline engine, matching 6AT transmission, the maximum power is 149kW, the maximum torque is 300N·m, meet the latest national six emission standards, combined with the overall body size, but also in line with the blue card C driving provisions.The interior of the car is decorated with a very pastoral style, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling. In terms of spatial performance, although limited by the chassis itself, the overall can still meet the use of 2-3 people.Above the cab in front, a 24-inch LCD TV has been replaced by a forehead bed, which is common in large foreheads, providing entertainment for future trips.Reception area is the use of B type rv in the classic double seat sofa + lifting table design, which also reserved for the rear rest area out of more space, the top is also configured with a basic hanging cabinet, can store some daily items, to meet the needs of storage.Opposite to the reception area, in front of the passenger door, there is a refrigerator with 85L upper and lower double doors, which can meet the needs of daily food sorting and storage, and a household frequency conversion air conditioner on top, which can create a comfortable interior temperature.Behind the passenger door is the entire kitchen area, with a basic induction cooker and stainless steel sink on the counter, a microwave oven on top and storage space below for everyday basic cooking needs.Behind the operating table is an independent bathroom room for the whole car, which is equipped with a toilet, a wash basin, an independent shower, a shelf, etc., to facilitate the daily use of washing.Finally, the rest area of the car, using the upper and lower vertical child and mother bed design, the size of the bed is 1900*1000mm, the size of the bed is 1900*700mm, and with the function of folding, can reserve more head space for the bed below, in addition, the upper and lower are configured with an external window, the overall daylighting is good.In the place of the head of a bed still contains a small condole ark, can deposit a few close-fitting goods.On the circuit, this saloon car is equipped with a 3000W inverter and 200Ah battery. The top is also equipped with 2 new energy solar panels. Solar panels with full power of monocrystal silicon can provide more guarantee for the circuit system of the saloon car.400Ah or 800Ah lithium battery can also be optional;There are 120L clean water tank and 60L grey water tank on the water way. In addition, the whole car also provides 5000W gasoline version of Weibast fuel hot air and hot water supply system, which can be used normally even in winter.This model carries ford’s new fully smooth chassis to build the Tuo Ruisite small forehead classic version of saloon car, for the friends who like Ford chassis and love C type saloon car space is a good choice, now the official guide price of this saloon car is 428,000 yuan, do not know the overall configuration, how do you think?Feel free to share with us in the comments section below. See you next time