With your child, learn the wisdom of eating right from an M.D.

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Article | small wood in the New Year’s resolutions, and how can the less health management?In the past two days, I have read Wang Xiao’s Writing Wishes Are Easier to Come True. I deeply feel that Wang Xiao is not only meticulous in her planning, but also highly motivated in her actions.Wang Xiao’s personal plan includes health management.There is a saying that “if you don’t have time to exercise, you must have time to get sick.” This saying also applies to diet management.With the development of modern society, people have more choices than ever before about the variety of food.However, is this way of eating really good?I read a book about diet in 2020.I still remember when I saw it, I felt deeply.As a diabetic doctor, Dr. Maeda Shinji, mentioned in “Dietary Art”, I have been watching the disease for more than a year and verified the way of eating.Nevertheless, “dietary art”, want dozens of yuan only, and see a doctor, need money to still need time and energy not only.When Maeda Yoji came out with Diet 2, he didn’t hesitate to start reading!After reading, I still harvest a lot.This book, Dietetics 2, is also a book I want my children to read.The oldest of my family watched “Dietetics,” and she still remembers the point.It is necessary to establish a correct view of food and drink, starting with children.Understand the pitfalls of eating and spend the right money to see a lot of truth in Dietetics 2.In ordinary books, you don’t often see ideas.For example, when we are plagued by facial anxiety, we put a lot of emphasis on facial management.Just wrinkles on the face, there are a lot of products on the market.In Diet 2, however, you will see a very different view: the beauty machine is a “nonsense” tool to create wrinkles.Go beauty parlour is massaged, the instrument of all sorts of dispel furrow, do not have effect to eliminating furrow not only, be increasing facial furrow very likely.For example, the idea of “balanced diet” and “30 foods a day”, as mentioned by Maeda Yoji in Diet 2, is more essential.Even my middle child would tell me how many kinds of vegetables and fruits we should eat every day. Children’s ideas come from kindergarten teachers.But do we really need that much food?Or drink milk every day.Maeda does not deny the benefits of milk, but he asks a more fundamental question: Are the cows that produce it good enough?Have we thought about this question?About milk, I used to struggle, because my child is allergic to milk, and the kindergarten drinks milk every day.What about the source of the milk you drink into your mouth?Who can guarantee that?Those are just three different points of view from Dietetics 2.In Diet 2, Maeda also shares 16 lies about eating, what’s right about eating, and how to eat right.Read Dietetics 2 to understand the pitfalls of eating and to put our money and energy to good use.Why do we go wrong about food?It is easy to understand ideas, but difficult to get out of them.Once a person’s mind is set, including the diet, it is hard to change.In his book Dietetics 2, Maeda Shinji analyzed the three main reasons for the formation of people’s wrong view of diet.These three reasons are worth our careful understanding.1. Trust experts 2. Profit Driven 3.There was once an old man, on different TV shows, promoting the efficacy of different products.Later, it was discovered that the old man in the TV AD was not a real expert.Whether the experts are real or not, we’d better have our own thoughts about what the “experts” are saying.Everyone has an intellectual blind spot, including doctors.If doctors can update their knowledge base in time, it will be a blessing for patients.Interest driven, this topic, Maeda good two very dare to tell the truth.In Diet 2, Yoshiji Maeda tells the truth about sugar that many people don’t want people to know.When it comes to sugar, after nearly 30 years of eating sweets, I have a problem.I’ve been suffering from allergies for over a year.I have seen many doctors and taken different medicines, both traditional Chinese and western medicine.However, even for people who are allergic to drugs, taking medicine allergy, withdrawal symptoms and recovery, is a process without solution.During that period of allergy, my breathing was not smooth, and the first thing I did when I got up every day was endless sneezing and running nose.You can use more than half a pack of paper towels in a single waking hour.And at night before going to bed, it is in uncontrollable cough.Such symptoms, after ineffective medical treatment, people almost fall into despair.Fortunately, I met a doctor and found the source of my allergy.My symptoms, they’re related to sugar. They’re related to wheat.After that, I read some books and learned something about sugar and wheat.It was also around that time that I opened the Book Of Dietetics.The views expressed in Dietetics are in many parts similar to those of the doctor I met.If I had not experienced the trouble of allergy, I would still be a big lover of sweets even if I knew the effect of sugar on people.This is also the third reason that Maeda mentioned that people’s ideas are misleading: one’s own fixed ideas.With personal experience, it’s easier to change stereotypes.If not, then people will still believe what they believe.Experts, interests, stereotypes, and our view of food.For the sake of your health and that of your family, reading Dietetics 2 will help you upgrade your knowledge of what to eat.How to eat?In Variable 4: The Rise of a Great Power, He Fan points out that there is a more important question than predicting the future: “How can we live better?”Everyone has different ideas about how to live a better life.However, without the trouble of disease, having a healthy body is the capital for each of us to live a better life.How to live better?Can’t do without eating well.How to eat well?Dietetics 2 provides specific practice guidelines.How to eat meat?What kind of meat?How to eat fish and shellfish?How to eat fruits and vegetables?And so on the specific food to eat, “dietary art 2” has a very detailed share.This book, Dietetics 2, is worth reading on our bookshelves.Thank you very much to Maeda Yoji for these two books of dietary art.In this book, Dietetics 2, I came across this very reassuring line: intelligence is more important than physical fitness.This sentence, gave me great strength.Want a better future for us, for our children?Start by building a healthy diet.Eat well and live well.Enjoy your reading.My name is Yamazaki. I have two children and I love reading.