Wu Zuming received public visits

2022-05-27 0 By

February 18, vice secretary of municipal party committee Wu Zuming to petition reception center public reception of the masses, stressing the need to always adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, with a high degree of objective consciousness and feelings, for the people sincerely reception people, seriously mass appeal, in accordance with the law and solve the matters according to regulation, to ensure the city’s overall harmonious and stable society.During the reception, Wu Zuming understood the basic information of each complainant in detail, comprehensively sorted out the ins and outs of complaint reporting matters, studied and analyzed the crux of the problem and the appropriate disposal measures with relevant responsible units on the spot, and put forward clear requirements for actively and steadily handling each complaint reporting matter.About matters involving the protection of the rights and interests of veterans, Wu Zuming request related departments to quickly take effective measures to find out the truth, in strict accordance with the veterans resettlement policy, to study and put forward solutions to problems, careful to do a good job of policy interpretation and ideological stability, form the joint effort, to guarantee good veterans’ legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.Wu zuming pointed out that the petition work is a bridge between the party committee and the government and the masses, which concerns the interests of the masses and social harmony and stability.At present, during the Beijing Winter Olympics, the city’s two sessions are also held, the city at all levels of all departments to fully recognize the importance and urgency of doing a good job in the petition maintenance work, further compaction of work responsibility, fastening to resolve the chain, with a high degree of political responsibility, sense of mission, go all out to do a good job in the petition maintenance work.We should stick to the people-centered approach, take a firm stand on receiving visits from local offices, and solve problems by putting ourselves in others’ shoes. We should not only adhere to the “rigidity” of our policies, but also fully consider the practical difficulties of the people who make letters and visits, and persuade them with emotion and reasoning to get through the “last mile” of serving the people.We must ensure that party and government officials take the lead in receiving visits, handle difficult cases in person, strengthen the study, judgment and resolution of complaints, and sincerely and sincerely respond to the reasonable demands of the people with emotion.To source control, easy to produce a complaint reporting problems in key areas and industries to conduct a comprehensive combing, strengthen the source management, classification, processing, and the situation at the grassroots, eliminate in the bud, put an end to the emergence of a new complaint reporting cases, from the source to a stable, peaceful, held for the party’s two big victory to create a harmonious and stable social environment.