Festival Lantern Festival, love to send tangyuan!Luzhai County law enforcement bureau organized the Lantern Festival condolance activities

2022-05-28 0 By

The Lantern Festival comes, abatis county administrative law enforcement of urban management bureau organize volunteers conduct in “tangyuan” festive Lantern Festival, love as the theme of the Lantern Festival sympathy activities, to stand in a line of more than 300 “city beautician” on the love dumplings and holiday blessing, let the sanitation workers feel thick warmth and love.This morning, more than 10 volunteers came to the county’s main roads, sanitation workers’ lounges, parks, garbage transfer stations and other places to distribute the freshly baked sweet and delicious dumplings to each sanitation worker.At the same time, he talked with them closely to understand their work and life needs, and said that he would do his best to help them solve the problem. He also told the sanitation workers to pay attention to keep warm and ensure the safety of work in cold weather.After the activity, the volunteers have said, daily life with a sincere greetings, with a grateful thanks to respect the labor of sanitation workers, in the festival with a bowl of sweet and delicious dumplings, to warm the hard work of “city beautician”, let them feel the social care care, also hope to them in a more full enthusiasm into the sanitation work,Continue to make more contributions to luzhai county clean environment.