Gurin Street grid workers “husband and wife” stick to the “front line” of epidemic prevention

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In recent days, all grid members of gulin street into the first epidemic prevention line.In this team, there are also a special group of people — they are husband and wife at home, but they are comrades in arms in the fight against the epidemic. This is the “husband and wife team” among the epidemic prevention workers in Gulin street.After the nucleic acid test was carried out for all staff in Tianjin, Yu Zhiyun, grid worker of Second Village of Mapengkou, Gulin Street, arrived at the sampling site at 6 am to register and input, deploy nucleic acid test sites, dispatch staff and promote screening.He didn’t return home until 12 o ‘clock at night, and then was called back to the neighborhood committee to work overtime typing information until dawn the next day.Shi Jingzhu, her husband, has also been fighting on the front line as a street cadre, and took the initiative to join gulin Street to support the epidemic prevention and control team in Southern Tianjin on January 15.Their parents are not in Tianjin, and they have two young children, who have no choice but to entrust to the care of neighbors.Even if the heart miss the child, but in front of the epidemic situation, Yu Zhiyun resolutely choose to sacrifice small family, take care of everyone.Since the first screening, seven nucleic acid tests have been carried out in Gulin streets. Yu zhiyun arrived at the scene early each time to set up tents, set up tables and chairs and distribute supplies with his colleagues.In order to quickly adapt to the new nucleic acid testing system, she also designed a “scanning magic device” using the charging bag box and mobile phone bracket, avoiding direct contact between the resident ID card and the collector, reducing the risk of infection and greatly improving the efficiency of scanning and typing.At the same time, Yu Zhiyun took the initiative to share the responsibility of door-to-door nucleic acid testing, wearing epidemic prevention clothes, and working with medical staff to carry out nucleic acid testing for quarantined people and elderly residents from door to door, upstairs and downstairs.When the work is finished, she also has to accompany the medical staff to drive 40 to 50 miles to Ma erao village to conduct nucleic acid tests for villagers.Busy all day, even exhausted, never give up, as Yu Zhiyun said: “I am a party member, now a grid member, guard in the battlefield, fighting with everyone is my honor, but also my responsibility.”Like Yu Zhiyun, Dou Yanjuan, a grid worker in Fuxiu Garden, sent her three-year-old child to her mother’s home and devoted herself to the prevention and control work in the community. Her wife pan Xueyu also signed up to support Jinnan District.Every day, Dou yanjuan sticks to the community platform, answering the consultation calls from residents, explaining the epidemic prevention and control policies and the certification procedures of leaving Tianjin to residents, recording the information of those quarantined at home in her area, and coordinating the arrangement of nucleic acid tests.Many times, busy until 2 or 3 o ‘clock in the morning, may not drink two saliva, even in the face of residents do not understand, still have to patiently, carefully explain, comfort.However, Dou had no complaints. She had only one thought in mind: “Do my best to ensure the order of epidemic prevention and ensure that residents welcome the New Year in peace.”Dou Yanjuan, as a retired soldier’s wife, said: “My wife will never fade after retirement. As a former military wife, I have the honor of military family.Today, we are grid workers, and it is our responsibility to keep people safe.”In fact, there are many couples like Dou Yanjuan and Yu Zhiyun in Gulin Street. In the face of the epidemic, they gave up their small family and made their own contribution to the “anti-epidemic dam”.Source: