Qichen D60EV large space and high endurance

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As a car product under the brand of Qichen, Qichen D60EV has an important advantage from the background of inheriting the car manufacturing process of the “Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi” alliance, sharing the global supplier system, and relying on nissan’s 73-year electric technology with reliable quality.Nissan, behind the shadow, itself is the pioneer model and the sales leader in the field of electric vehicles in the global market, which is equivalent to the market position of fuel oil.In terms of appearance, Qichen D60EV first has A very similar appearance and outline size to the traditional A+ fuel car.Its body length, width and height data is 4764×1803×1494mm, and the wheelbase is 2700mm.And because of the compact power structure of electric vehicles, the interior space is often more ideal.In terms of interior decoration, Qichen D60EV adopts the semi-encircled design with strong inclination towards the driving position, so that the control atmosphere of the main driver and the relaxed atmosphere of the first passenger have a very clear division.Qicchen D60EV high sense of the car is about the same level of fuel car 130-160,000 models at the same price, its advantages include a large area of leather decoration, delicate modification of blue thread, double barrel + LCD instrument design, simple and clear structure of the central console design, etc. (electronic handbrake and autohold automatic parking key position close to the block,Clear and convenient to use).While the interior doesn’t have some “instantly appealing” features, the overall atmosphere and refinement are impressive and will satisfy both family and ride-hailing customers.In addition, the middle and high models also provide an Internet car with an 8-inch screen, which has the Internet of vehicles and voice control, so that the class and entertainment will be stronger.Rooted in nissan technology advantage and ningde battery blessings qichen push pure electric vehicle, the bottom spirit benefit from natural mainly comes from the technical depth “Renault and nissan, mitsubishi alliance building cars” process, and some of the derived from nissan design concept and technical advantages, such as rigid body structure to improve, with high performance advantages of suspension components.In terms of three-power system, Qichen D60EV adopts Ningde Times three-yuan lithium battery, and the battery range of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reaches 481km and the battery range is 585km;Under the battery intelligent temperature control system, The three power indicators of D60EV reached the level of -25℃-50℃ normal car impact is small;In terms of professional electric safety, The advantage of Qichen D60EV is also derived from Nissan’s high standards, including 1221 safety and performance tests higher than the national standard;Four layers ten heavy battery safety protection design and double high voltage safety protection mechanism;The battery pack meets the IP67 standard.In addition, Qichen D60EV has the advantages of precise electric control and extended battery life: VCM comprehensive precise vehicle control system, with Bosch RBS energy recovery rate of 23%;The optional three energy recovery gears can be adjusted freely between optimal energy consumption and simulated traditional fuel vehicle loose throttle inertia driving, so as to find a more suitable driving habit for oneself.In terms of acceleration, Qichen D60EV adopts Valeo Siemens permanent magnet synchronous motor, and technically follows Nissan’s active anti-shake control technology to accelerate 0.15s millisecond response.The motor system has 120kW of power and 250N·m of total torque, roughly the same as the 1.4T vw engine.If it is used as an online ride-hailing vehicle, it will be more convenient than ordinary fuel cars in the service of getting close to the boarding place of passengers, helping them to catch the plane, and rushing to work. Moreover, it does not have to worry about “fuel money” under the “Bigfoot switch”.If the average energy consumption of Qichen D60EV is 12.89kWh per 100 km, the electricity cost of this car is only 7 yuan per 100 km.And fuel vehicles with similar acceleration ability, to the main fuel-saving Japanese cars as an example, the fuel consumption cost of 100 kilometers is about 50 yuan.In addition to the charging efficiency, another big driving force for online car hailing is the construction of more and more charging stations in recent years.Basically, as long as the car has a quick charging port, it is relatively convenient to find a power station and charge it.Qichen D60EV stowage fast and slow double mouth, which includes the national standard fast charging mouth.In addition, the competition of pure electric models also includes enterprises’ own charging convenience services.Dongfeng Qichen recently one of the promotion is a key to power “service formed a deep cooperation, its Qichen intelligent APP from April 6 began to get through with a key to power deep, so that Qichen D60EV and T60EV users can enjoy quality” one key to power “instant service, which will be conducive to qichen electric car owners in charging inconvenience or unconditional charging,Get a good and fast “magic assist”.For Qichen D60EV, renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance manufacturing technology, global supplier system, Ningde times battery will provide “support” for it, which is also conducive to better win the trust of consumers, plus the important advantages of large space and 481KM range, Qichen D60EV is indeed a good choice of online car booking.