What does Auchan feel like?Let me take you through it

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So what does Auchan feel like?This is a good question, and I don’t know how to answer it, but I think it gives me a good feeling at first glance, followed by constant surprises, including power, configuration design in all aspects, it is hard to believe that this is a car of more than 100,000, then why is the price of Auchan so close to the people?Auchan’s first is to all the people who have ideal struggle before a “safe haven” that I mentioned in the article, at first, auchan is designed to give all people reduce the burden, with the cheapest price to experience the most luxurious configuration, this is auchan, as time flows, auchan configuration more and more colorful, what let a person shine at the moment?Let me take you to know, first is the handrail box refrigeration, how about, this word is not very strange, because few cars carry this function, then what is the use of this function, how to give a person’s experience?”Really not too convenient” this is what I said, refrigeration, armrest box first to summer, summer is can’t use language to express the good, if coupled with a glass of iced coke, which was in earthly fireworks, the most comfortable not vice driving with her, but the armrest box has it, every moment of the cold drink, who doesn’t want to ah,Besides armrest box refrigeration design problem, which is different from traditional after many debugging and improvement, armrest box refrigeration almost close to perfect the function, always don’t have to worry about affect driving, let alone a short-circuit or something, it can be cold, but not frozen oh, recommended intestines and stomach bad friend or not to use, in addition, auchan wireless charging plate,The current of the wireless charging plate is adjusted to 15V. How about that? IPhome’s quick charge is only 18W, which is not worthy of the name.