“Willows” tactical retreat: Lenovo event nothing?

2022-05-28 0 By

Lenovo event in the network continued to ferment for so long, no matter how the outside world questioned and dug, Lenovo has nothing to do.Other than a couple of pr posts at the beginning, a couple of big V’s, an internal announcement and nothing else.Now “Willow” side of the resistance is also left with only those followers, the number of the end of the account of the water army indiscriminately attacking people who question Lenovo.So, now that things have developed, “Willow” and others are ok?Of course not. They can act like nothing happened, but the Internet won’t let them.So, while nothing is fake on the surface, they have secretly begun a tactical retreat.Let’s start with Liu Chuanzhi.In fact, From the very beginning, Liu Chuanzhi should not be afraid, although the voices of doubt are directed at him, but in terms of his position, Liu Chuanzhi has already retired, like lenovo’s current small loan company interfering in various industries, he no longer need to be afraid.He may have set it up, or he may have stepped down to direct it, but procedurally, he could easily have pulled the plug.Only the loss of former state-owned assets, shadow companies, circular holdings and other problems may threaten him, but he is not afraid, because he knows that it is not easy to dig up old debts, after all, there are too many involved, but his own reputation is bad.And now there is news, whether true or not, that he is not well, which makes some people feel even more sorry.The only thing he cares about now is what happens to the next generation. After all, according to him, he doesn’t care what the public thinks of him, only what future generations think of him.Therefore, Liu Chuanzhi’s mind should be on liu Qing and others.Let’s talk about Yang Yuanqing.He is different from Liu Chuanzhi, although Liu Chuanzhi shares most of the voices of doubt, but he is the incumbent, he wants to learn from Liu Chuanzhi can escape at any time, but it is not so easy.As a result, he moves more, and recently we have seen a series of moves by Yang Yuanqing through news reports.First, Lenovo announced to hold a high-profile year-end carnival, to spend millions of a universal studios, it is said that tickets are issued.It’s interesting that Lenovo is taking such a high profile at a time when other tech companies are laying off workers.What is Lenovo after all?Is it to show that Lenovo is not affected, to show solidarity, or to demonstrate to the outside world?We don’t know the purpose, but it was a successful diversion.But what I didn’t expect was that the event was cancelled because of the epidemic.Second, announced lenovo PC shipments hit a new high, is the world’s first.This is indeed an exciting topic, no matter whether they are assembled, or their own research and development, this achievement is real, this credit, must be calculated in Yang Yuanqing’s head, this is a buffer against his doubts.Third, hype the concept of the meta-universe.It means that Lenovo will continue to make its own contribution to all kinds of scenes related to the meta-universe.Fourth, legend holdings announced that it invested in a lot of chip companies, to prove that Legend Investment is not just a small loan company, or some technical content.Another wave of diversion.After the release of these true and false smoke bombs, Yang Yuanqing’s tactical retreat carried out a test, that is to sell more than three billion lenovo shares in a row, want to see the outside world’s reaction.Why is it a trial?Because Yang yuanqing has too many Lenovo shares, more than 1 billion shares, worth more than 10.3 billion, if he continues to sell at the current rate, it is not clear when he will sell.Besides, such a move by him will certainly have an impact on Lenovo’s share price. If a large number of shares are sold at one time, their share price will surely shrink.Moreover, if he continued to sell, it would be taken by the outside world as a sign that he wants to run away, and netizens would definitely watch him more closely, so they simply tested him.Perhaps he realized that his position was too high profile, so he adjusted his position by stepping down as chairman of Lenovo’s subsidiary, in order to gradually reduce the level of attention he received, so as not to cause too much speculation, but also for his own benefit.Why change a position that has been stable until now in the middle of a storm?Netizens can continue to wait and see, Yang Yuanqing will certainly follow up.One is dying, one is tactical retreat, the association of events may finally be nothing, but in fact, the purpose may have been achieved.Through the doubts of the vast number of netizens, these people are worried all day long, but also sounded the alarm to other enterprises, and Lenovo may be separated from these bloodsucking people, the development prospects will be better.It remains to be seen whether “Willow” will eventually be punished.