Gordon: Take a breath and start again!The first “out of business” enterprises successfully put on record

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Due to the impact of natural disasters, a forestry company in Qingping Town of Gaotang County applied for closing down for the record, which is the first enterprise in Gaotang to complete closing down for the record after the implementation of the Regulations on the Registration and Administration of Market Subjects of the People’s Republic of China.”Last July, after our forest farm in Qingping suffered a natural disaster, the business of the wood company I run has been not doing well. A few days ago, I thought to consult the examination and Approval Bureau to see if I could cancel the company first.After listening to my situation, the staff of the examination and approval Bureau told me that from March 1, our country will implement a new policy, and the qualified enterprises will be allowed to close down for the record. They asked me to take a careful consideration at home and decide whether to handle the cancellation or close down.”Gaotang county three wood industry limited company’s legal person representative Zhang Mingfu introduces way, “I also do not want to cancel the company, after all, their hard management, this is not, yesterday the staff to help me complete the whole process to close for the record, let me stay at home to enjoy a good policy.”After dealing with closed business record, Mr. Zhang is ready to take a good “breath”, think about the new direction of enterprise management, closed business end to start again.On March 15, Zhang mingfu at home through the remote guidance of the county bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval agent, through the “One window pass” service platform, the business status of the company was revised to “closure”, and provided free delivery service of the notice of closure.It is understood that in order to provide management difficult market main body, reduce the cost of enterprises to maintain the market main body registration regulations on the administration of the People’s Republic of China clearly put forward, when the market main body by natural disasters, accidents disasters, public health, social security events causes such as operating difficult, can decide during the term of the longest do not exceed 3 years out of business.Compared with the “one-size-fits-all” cancellation system in the past, enterprises that are temporarily unable to carry out normal business activities due to the influence of various factors such as the epidemic but still have strong business intention can now choose to keep the market subject qualification under the premise of shutting down for a period of time, and start again through temporary “hibernation”.”The closure system provides a buffer system choice for the market subject in difficulty, and reduces the maintenance cost of the market subject in rent, water and electricity.Businesses do not even need to rent their business premises during the period of closure, and can replace their business address with a new address for service of legal documents in the application form.For business closure record registration can choose to be handled electronically, or to submit paper materials at the window, without appointment, as soon as you come, “said the head of the market access section of Gaotang County Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau,” we will further do a good job in relevant business training, publicity and promotion, etc.We will provide one-to-one guidance to market entities in difficult business conditions, give them enough time and space to relax, transform and upgrade, and make ‘dormant’ enterprises feel the warmth of the new policies and help optimize the business environment.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn