Luanping County two new working committee “three search and three push” to solve the problem of party member management and education

2022-05-29 0 By

The Luanping County Liangxin Working Committee of Chengde City, aiming at the problems of low number of party members in enterprises, high mobility and frequent changes, carried out in-depth investigation and research, combined with the actual exploration of “three search and three push” activities, and fully stimulated the endogenous motivation and development vitality of party members in the two new organizations.In accordance with the requirements of “comprehensive coverage and no loss of flow”, hidden party members are sorted out and “three search” activities are carried out, that is, organizations seek party members, party members seek organizations, and party members seek party members.First, focus on regular inventory, clarify the number of party members.Build system of two new quarterly MoPai party construction, regular MoPai flow party member, two new sound organization management information parameter of party members, selected 34 business level is high, the ability of the party member cadre party as the party construction of two new organizations instructor, every quarter to liaise with two new group members information dynamic update, ensure the flow of party members in a timely manner to deal with the party organization relationship transfer,Promoted party organization to find new member in time.At present, 15 party members have completed the transfer of party organization relations.The second is to light up the name card of party members, so that the concept of party building leading enterprise development is deeply rooted in the people’s mind.Relying on rich carriers such as Party history study and education, themed Party Day activities, as well as vanguard and model teams such as Party members’ vanguard posts and party members’ demonstration areas, party members’ name cards will be brighter and party organizations more attractive, so as to achieve a virtuous cycle of promoting floating party members to actively join party organizations through the construction of activity carriers and branches.Third, the party members take the initiative to claim, personnel take the initiative to connect the way, further weave dense “find” network.The branch distributes the list of floating party members to the party representatives, and each party representative matches one floating party member. By attending branch meetings and participating in branch activities, the branch attracts floating party members to formally handle party organization relations as soon as possible.”Three push” cultivation lets the development of party members live according to the idea of “all-round investigation, comprehensive cultivation”, with “three push” the form of the development of party members, namely: party branch recommendation, the head of each workshop recommendation, all workers recommendation, fully excavate the outstanding elements in enterprises and outstanding talents in social organizations.One is the recommendation of the branch, through the general meeting of the branch, the ordinary people with firm political positions and strong Party spirit become activists through democratic recommendation, and focus on training.2 it is the direct recommendation that passes workshop head, recommend the business expert that has working ability strong, united colleague to branch meeting research, develop business expert into party member as soon as possible.Third, through collective recommendation, we will select personnel with a solid mass foundation and high credibility, and let more people have the opportunity to join party organizations through organizational training and study.Finally, the professional backbones in the two new organizations are trained into party members and the professional backbones of party members are trained into management personnel.The “three promotion” not only broadens the channels for recruiting party members, but also strengthens the fairness and impartiality of recruiting party members, providing strong political guarantee and talent guarantee for the healthy development of the two new organizations.The 33 active candidates who have been trained to join the Party were all selected through the “three nominations” process.