Shop for prepared dishes and skip those that are frosty

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If you can’t cook, how can you show off your skills at the Spring Festival dinner table?Buddha jumping over the wall, stinky Mandarin fish, kung Pao chicken…Quick-frozen semi-finished prepared dishes can become the number one “hard dishes” on the Chinese New Year table after simple processing, and thus are favored by the majority of consumers.Some institutions predict that according to the annual compound growth rate of 20%, the scale of China’s prepared vegetable market may exceed trillion yuan in the next 6-7 years, and in the long run, the scale of China’s prepared vegetable industry is expected to reach 3 trillion yuan.Faced with a wide variety of prepared dishes in online and offline markets, how should consumers choose?Provincial consumer protection commission reminds consumers to pay attention to the following five aspects when buying prepared vegetables: look at labels, choose good brand information.When consumers choose prepared dishes, they must choose brands and products from regular manufacturers (businesses), especially when online shopping, they must carefully check the corresponding manufacturer information, licenses and inspection certificates.Attention should be paid to whether the name, address, contact information of the processing unit, food name, production license, processing time, storage conditions, storage period, processing and production requirements and other important information on the product label are standardized and complete. Do not choose semi-finished vegetables without any production guarantee.Check the date. Keep the production date up to date.Try to choose the most recent date of production, preferably within a month.The more oily the prepared dish, the more attention should be paid to freshness.Products within the shelf life may also deteriorate because the shipping temperature is not guaranteed.Look at transportation, pay attention to whether the sales transportation environment meets the freezing conditions.Quick-frozen food should not be thawed in the whole process. According to national standards, transportation vehicles should be kept clean and not mixed, and the transportation temperature should be kept below -12℃.Therefore, consumers must determine in advance whether the logistics and express delivery at the receiving place have the corresponding cold chain transport guarantee capacity.If consumers need to gift relatives and friends the best choice to ensure the conditions of express logistics transport, do not carry their own transport.Look at the appearance, deformation, frost do not buy.Fresh frozen products should be uniform in texture and free of ice or ice crystals in the package.However, if the storage time is long or the relevant temperature requirements are not met during transportation, there will be water transfer, resulting in a large number of ice crystals and ice cubes in the package.This can lead to a proliferation of microorganisms, affecting the nutritional value and safety of food.Therefore, consumers in the purchase or acceptance of express must be carefully observed, if it is found that there is more frost in the bag or deformation, soft or adhesion, to refuse to buy (receive).Will save, do not blindly store goods and long-term preservation.When the dishes are bought home, remove the outermost packaging, and immediately put them into the refrigerator freezer (below -18℃) for sealed storage. Separate raw and cooked dishes to avoid cross-contamination and food deterioration.General family refrigerators can not meet the requirements of frozen food quality and temperature, food quality will change during the shelf life, so do not hoard blindly, should be eaten as soon as possible, especially pay attention to not repeatedly defrost.