To celebrate reunion and warm company, please listen to the “12th person” of Changchun Yatai in the Year of the Tiger

2022-05-29 0 By

During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Changchun Yatai Football Club launched an online activity called “Celebrate reunion and Celebrate the New Year with warm company”. During the Spring Festival, the “12th person” was invited to record a short video to send blessings to Yatai fans and share their heartfelt thoughts with the club.After the event was launched, yatai “12th person” received positive response, and many articles were submitted to convey Chinese New Year wishes.On the first day of the start of the Year of the Tiger, six representatives were selected to make a blessing collection for the 12th Person of Asia and Thailand, so that fans across the country could listen to the Chinese New Year wishes of the 12th person of Asia and Thailand from Germany, Beijing Winter Olympics venues, Taiyuan and other places.The New Year, the new journey, let us hand in hand to advance, step forward, for Changchun, fight together!Note: The manuscript and video are the original work of Changchun Yatai Football Club.