Acute gout attack learn to save yourself first

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It’s nothing serious. It’s just gout!But when it hurts, it hurts like hell!What are you waiting for?Learn from your doctor how to help yourself when you have a gout attack.”Doctor, help me!My foot is dying of pain, I wish I could cut it off!””The doctor!Can you show me first, I can’t stand the pain!”…In the gout clinic, you are likely to encounter such a scene, as a mountain as the boy crying, one shoe and one slippers, walking on crutches or even sitting in a wheelchair into the clinic.The doctor predicts: this is gout to make!Haven’t had or accompany medical treatment, the heart certainly muttered: this play of which?Is it something serious?Have the same experience of the patients, the heart has qi Yan: that taste, who hurts who knows!The acute attack of gout is the sudden onset of severe joint pain, the pain degree quickly reached the peak within a few hours, the pain nature like knife cutting, such as fire, dare not touch, very painful.The acute onset of gout can be a level 10 pain, level 10 pain that’s the kind of pain that cuts through the bones.A basic knowledge of how to manage an acute attack of gout may help relieve some of the pain of tossing and turning in the dead of night.Today, we will teach you some of the acute attack of gout to ease the pain of treatment.Of course, the pain is relieved. Don’t forget to seek medical attention.Diet: strictly restrict the intake of purine, choose low-purine food, and avoid high-purine food, such as animal viscera, crustacean seafood, dried fish, thick meat soup, etc.Maintain basic calories, balanced intake of carbohydrates, protein, fat.Drink more than 2000 ml of water daily to promote uric acid excretion.Eat more vegetables and fruits to provide rich vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals.Alcohol and irritating food are prohibited.Limit salt, daily salt should not exceed 10g, with 5 to 6g a day as the best.Life: reduce activity bed rest patients with gout arthritis to prevent excessive joint activity, raise the affected limb, avoid weight bearing, inflammation of the joint to keep local rest, daily needs as far as possible placed at the bedside for the benefit of patients.Absolute bed rest during acute episodes until 72 hours after pain relief.Keep your joints warm and avoid cold stimulation.Remove the trigger factor in time.The patient has stress, tension, anxiety more, and gout is induced easily when mental trauma, should loosen spirit, work and rest union, assure morpheus, the life should have rule, in order to eliminate all sorts of psychological pressure.Medicine: detumescence and analgesia is the first principle of gout acute attack, medication is to do our best – detumescence and analgesia, put out the fire on the feet!Common drugs include allopurinol, which is an inhibitor of uric acid production, and should be started at a low dose. Attention should be paid to adverse reactions, and regular blood tests and liver and kidney function are required.Benzbromarone, is to promote the excretion of uric acid drugs, kidney stones, renal insufficiency is prohibited.Need to cooperate with soda tablets, drink more water and urinate more.Febuxostat is a relatively new drug for lowering uric acid and inhibits the synthesis of uric acid.Its adverse reaction is relatively few, no fatal hypersensitivity reaction, need regular examination of liver function.In addition, to introduce the following drug characteristics.Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: relasone, futalin, fenbide and other oral drugs, until the pain is completely relieved after 1 week stop.Glucocorticoid: for severe acute symptoms, it can be used orally, intramuscularly, intravenously or intra articular injection to achieve rapid control of inflammation.Colchicine: with relatively large side effects, colchicine is rarely used as a first-line drug for acute gout attacks, and is often used as a preventive drug in the process of lowering uric acid.Uric acid lowering drugs: with effective preventive treatment, uric acid lowering therapy can be started at the acute stage. Moreover, uric acid lowering therapy should be lifelong, intermittent treatment or cessation of treatment will lead to repeated attacks of gout.In the process of clinical treatment, we find that many people have little knowledge of gout, and often take their own opinions, which lead to the prolonged acute gout, or take unsuitable drugs (all drugs have their own indications and contraindications), resulting in serious side effects. Therefore,Please all patients must go to rheumatology clinic, please professional doctors to give you professional help, away from gout.1. Self-medicate for pain relief. The most common mistake is massage and hot compress!In fact, massage, hot compress will aggravate the symptoms, but lead to more pain!Don’t try.Wrong practice 2 Some patients are not comfortable on their own to the pharmacy to buy drugs, or listen to others say “my so-and-so friend will take this drug good”, their own treatment, this is very wrong practice.Taking the wrong medication at the wrong time can turn a small problem into a big one!Do not self-medicate.Article/Kong Fang (Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: