“Community private domain” community members value appeal

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In user operation, user operation is the closest way to users. It is also a way to understand users through various operation methods, so as to achieve the maximum value of operation and realize the transformation of users. And community is the best carrier of user operation.Community allows us to acquire and retain users at a lower cost and more efficiently.Understand user needs in interaction and provide feedback to users in a timely manner.In order to hold users firmly, it is important to know what value they want from the community.So as to constantly empower the community, update iteration, to create a valuable, vibrant community.By building a community to create a circle, the enterprise keeps a strong stickiness between users and users and between users and enterprises.When users’ social relationships are precipitated and bundled with product attributes, their social relationship migration costs become extremely high.Members of the community, for the value of the community, mainly divided into five points: 1. Access to high-quality content high-quality content will arouse the interest of users, meet the needs of users, and generate greater value.The reason why customers attach importance to content is that it determines what customers will watch and what they will get after watching it. After viewing group content, users will feel valuable and share it in moments or send it to friends, and marketing costs will be greatly reduced.2, gain an advantage by coupons and gift, make the community atmosphere hot rise, this is also a kind of screening, often in a group of active users as to their rewards, also don’t think that is not active members, it is not your clients, members may also exist wait-and-see, attracted by coupons to occasionally bubble, this is the potential customers, by satisfying the welfare of the members of the group,Can harvest certain intention customer group.3, get questions to help users in the community will ask some questions, there may be repeated problems, the operation personnel need to respond to feedback in the first time, need to have enough patience, if not on time to do a good explanation in advance, to the community members the greatest respect.4, get social circle was the real beginning social community, the possibilities that will take place in the community, this is on the open platform, the effect of the social not so community to have closed charge threshold is the inevitable trend of the future, the direction of the fragmentation or will still be widespread, but deep communication will only closed community.5. Acquiring spiritual value Identity Users become power users of the community after they are fully acquainted with the community, they become part of the community, they become associated with the enterprise products.These advanced users need not only product welfare, but to maximize their own value through the product, so that users can be put to good use in the community, they can be set as administrators, give them some power, establish reward and punishment system, highlight the status and existence value of users in the community.At the same time, they are also the propagandists of the enterprise, sharing with friends around them and bringing new potential customers to the enterprise.I am a circle of people who focus on new media operation and marketing, providing free learning materials, dry goods sharing, work communication, resource docking, case dismantling and other community services.If you want to join us, please leave a comment in the comment section # operation ## New media operation ## New media ## Community operation ## Community #