It’s about reporting and nucleic acid testing!Please pay attention to returning to Zhongshan

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Today, the fifth day of the Spring Festival holiday is coming to the end of the holiday return peak is coming zhongshan CDC reminds the following matters: these people please take the initiative to report, accept the corresponding community health management.Low since January 24, shenzhen city, guangdong province, has since January 30 phoenix town, dongguan, heyuan, huizhou, meizhou city and the province yunfu outbreak occurred in the history of the staff, and to report cases activities trajectory intersection, overlapping to return to zhongshan, in the first place to the rc (village), work unit or reported to the hotel,And cooperate with nucleic acid testing and health monitoring and other health management work.● All yuekang code “red code” and “yellow code” personnel.● Close contacts and other risk personnel who receive calls from provincial (city, county, district) CDC.Before entering Guangdong, people who are at risk of COVID-19 are advised to complete the declaration through the “Guangdong Province” mini-procedure.The elderly, children and other groups that are not convenient to use mobile phones can be declared by their relatives, guardians and community workers.How to declare?Open the “Guangdong Province” mini-program, select the module of “Guangdong Declaration”;Select the classification and apply for guangdong entry according to the guidelines.After the declaration is completed, the declared information personnel will receive the special number 12320 telephone and SMS reminder, please pay attention to answer.Grass-roots staff at the destination will contact those at risk through the special number 12320 to verify their personal declaration information, remind them to take good personal protection and inform them of the precautions for entering Guangdong.If you accidentally miss the number 12320, please call back the special number 12320 within 48 hours, you can reach the basic staff who called you.It should be noted that the application information will be strictly confidential and only used for epidemic investigation.Destination basic staff contact you, will only verify your personal declaration information, will not involve the bank card number, password and other personal financial information.If you are asked about personal financial information, please remain vigilant and report to the police in time to avoid being cheated.It is recommended to take a nucleic acid test at the place of origin before returning to Zhongshan from other places, and travel with a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours.A free nucleic acid test will be provided to those returning to Zhongshan from outside the city before March 15.Relevant zhongshan personnel should search zhongshan Cloud appointment in wechat mini program, open the Zhongshan Cloud appointment mini program, find the entrance of “free nucleic acid appointment” to make an appointment, go to the nearest fever outpatient hospital and each convenient nucleic acid sampling site, and complete sampling according to the on-site prevention and control requirements.In the event of symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, hypotaste and smell, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia and diarrhea, go to the nearest fever clinic and tell the truth about your epidemiological history.Wear a mask all the way to the hospital and avoid taking public transportation.Guide for the Use of Nucleic Acid Testing Map Step 1: Enter the mini program “Zhongshan Cloud Appointment” by scanning the code or searching for “Zhongshan Cloud Appointment” on wechat.Click on the home page to enter the process.Step 2: Select the nucleic acid sampling site nearest to you or select the town and street sampling site you want to go to above.Step 3: Select the nucleic acid sampling site you want to go to, click the navigation to query the location, or select the map mark on the upper right to enter the map and select the nucleic acid collection site you want to go to.Step 1: “Scan” the sunflower code under the Program on wechat, or search the “Program” on wechat.Step 2: Select “Subject Login”.Step 3: Select “general sampling” to enter the home page of the subject.Step 4: Click “Test Application” to fill in my/others personal information.Step 5: Click “Save” to generate and save the screenshots of the recipients of Guangdong nucleic acid code.Step 6: When taking nucleic acid samples, the examinee should open the saved screenshots of “Yue nucleic acid code” and show them to medical staff for verification.3. Please bring your valid ID for verification when you go to the site for inspection.Party history study should know should be the slogan of the Northern Expedition war?Bring down the great powers and get rid of the warlords.Today Dongfeng Editorial Department Editor: Lu Siting, Liu Rui, Editor: Gan Jiahui, Fan Xiaomin Executive Editor: Wu Hongan, Editor in chief: Xian Jiatao Source: Published by Zhongshan