Late winter fishing reservoir, do these points, although the weather is cold, the catch will not be less

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In winter, it is not recommended to fish large surface lakes for two reasons. One is that the water is large and there is no shelter, so the fishing experience is very bad.Secondly, the area of large surface lakes and reservoirs is too large, so it is difficult to determine where fish are hiding, so we fish in winter, and we recommend fishing in small surface waters.However, this is not to say that winter can not be in the large surface waters fishing, as long as the master method, prepared, not to say catch fish, connecting rod fish and even burst protection, is not difficult.First, fishing depth of 4-6 meters is the most suitable for winter fishing, the larger the water surface, the more difficult to find fish, we commonly used routine, in large surface lakes and libraries is not applicable at all, but we can use the fishing depth to do the standard.Theoretically, the water depth in the area with mixed bottom conditions is about 4 to 6 meters, which is basically a good fishing spot. The reason for taking this water depth as a reference is based on water temperature and dissolved oxygen.If the water depth is lower than this, the water temperature is too low, which is not suitable for the fish to hide. If the water depth is lower than this, the dissolved oxygen will fall off the cliff, which is not suitable for the fish to inhabit.So the range of 4 to 6 meters as a reference, not to find a precise, but in terms of fish trapping effect, it is certainly much better than the shallow water area.Second, rapeseed cake, peanut bran is the first choice for fishing in winter, if it is small water surface, wine rice is the first choice, but in the lake, the effect of wine rice is too general.Rapeseed cake and peanut bran are highly recommended here, which is the product of rapeseed or peanut oil, of course, must be detoxicated.Rapeseed cake and peanut bran will dissolve in water if soaked for a long time, and give out a strong smell of oil. The key is that the price is not high, and the effect is not inferior to that of rice and corn in wine. As for whether the effect is good or not, who really knows.Three, the target fish is still given priority to by crucian carp in winter fishing in large surface waters, the target fish is still crucian carp, not to say that there are no other fish in the lake, but crucian carp in winter the most active.And feeding desire is very strong, although carp also have activity, but summer and autumn are not good fishing, winter do not expect, so we no matter from fishing method, fishing or bait, still take crucian carp as the main.However, fishing this matter, there is no final conclusion, fishing bait, not only carp will speak, there is also a great chance to catch carp.Four, sooner or later fishing, is still the most appropriate choice about fishing time, many anglers think that in winter, it should wait until the sun is in the sky and then fishing is the most appropriate, because this time, affected by the light, the water temperature in the upper middle layer is relatively warm.However, in winter, even at noon, the middle and upper water temperature is not suitable for the fish, the real fish good time, or the morning and evening time.This is also a relatively normal foraging period for fish. It will not be foraging because the weather gets cold or hot, but because the water temperature is low, the activity is poor, and the foraging area is relatively small.So, the choice of sooner or later fishing, is still a more appropriate choice, but in the noon fishing, the effect is very general.In fact, the above points can not guarantee the catch of winter fishing in lake and reservoir, after all, large surface lake and reservoir fishing can not guarantee the catch of any season.However, in winter, because of the large volume of water and the large heat storage capacity, the water temperature does not change too much, which leads to a better activity of fish. As long as the luck is not too bad, the fishing will not be too bad.Winter fishing crucian carp