Pentium T77 PRO demonstrates quality driving sense with strength

2022-05-30 0 By

Pentium T77 PRO demonstrates quality driving sense with strength. It is particularly important to have an SUV with excellent performance.And in many domestic models, I believe we love the appearance of pentium T77 PRO at first sight.In addition, this car has a spacious and comfortable driving space, intelligent configuration of intimate technology, and ultra-high energy efficiency with both power and fuel economy, so that we can make the entire trip to the ultimate protection.Fold “light” design concept from the pentium T77 PRO design style can be seen, the whole appearance design is biased towards the younger, “light and shadow to fold to learn” design concept for the appearance of three-dimensional intuitive visual effects, the modelling of LED headlamps and front grille shape one integrated mass, movement and administrative levels feeling more clearly.Body surface adopts through waist line design, streamline more obvious, showing a strong movement atmosphere, and with downforce, so that driving stability has been increased.The use of three-dimensional sculpture design, so that the overall appearance looks fierce and cool fashion.Overall, the appearance of pentium T77 PRO is very stable, while the young sports style is also very distinctive!Pentium T77 PRO’s space performance is also remarkable. With a body size of 4525mmX1845mmx1615mm and a long wheelbase of 2700mm, this Pentium T77 PRO has a large body like a compact SUV. At the same time, the large trunk volume is also good, which can be described as utilizing every inch of space.The interior space of Pentium T77 PRO is also relatively stable in design, but it looks not depressed but very youthful. The first thing that attracts me is the large screen design, which can be described as a sense of science and technology.The material selection of the central control position is also very careful, with a large area of soft wrapping and matte metal elements embellishing each other to show a different texture.At the same time, the large central control screen is equipped with Pentium D-Life 4.0 system, so the overall operation is particularly smooth and the operation of mobile phone interconnection is also very convenient, which greatly improves the driving experience.