Shenyang to Shenzhen drive 3000 kilometers for 4 days

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Now that you have decided to go from the northeast to the south, pack your bags, put aside all your worries, and go boldly!Plan 4 days 3000 kilometers, daily 800-1000 kilometers, in line with the principle of not early, not greedy black, not hurry, live in the middle of three nights, according to the distance of the trip, tentatively set three points in Hebei Cangzhou, Anhui Bozhou, Jiangxi Ji ‘an.In order to avoid the travel peak on October 1st, I plan to leave on October 2nd.Cool autumn big Shenyang on the way to the northeast sky northeast high-speed or can, all the way smooth, until hebei, vehicles up, the sun fast down, to cangzhou territory.Cangzhou high speed view sunset – don’t hurry, immediately I will go down the mountain temporarily booked a room in Ctrip, the environment is still clean, is cangzhou mosquitoes are really too much.After checking in, you head straight to the nearby Plaza Rissein, which is about a five-minute walk away and has everything to eat and drink.Cangzhou Rongsheng Square – also quite flashy Ha taste general roast duck – superficial ah the second day, 10 o ‘clock departure, the sky is not beautiful ah, under a light rain, speed down, safety first.Fortunately, finally arrived in bozhou, Anhui province at 4 or 5 o ‘clock in the evening, passing by his hometown, back to see his parents.Walking in the quiet village road, the heart is also quiet a lot!Hometown sunset sunset quiet river back to the countryside, the most happy than the children, can be presumptuous to run, sahuan play!Wanton childhood third day, through the mountains, all the way south.The weather is particularly good, the air is fresh wuyuan, unique architecture – too far to see ah, after entering Jiangxi, traffic congestion, forced to go under the highway, through the path, detour congested section, thanks to the small degree guide!The path below is very interesting — one line of sky.One line of sky – I gave the name, ha ha finally catch up before dark, arrived in Ji ‘an city, because it was late, walk a few small alleys, rest, for later have time to walk next!Day four of Gyan’s Red house, 11 o ‘clock, continue south.The beautiful mountain saw the beautiful sunset glow today, the red sky!Sunset sunset is fierce into Guangdong Province, especially around Shenzhen, the traffic flow is very large, turtle speed forward, arrive at the destination at 8 o ‘clock in the evening, tired day!To sum up: full and tired eleven!Back to shenyang, back to anhui home, to see parents, brothers;Every day different scenery, different feelings!Don’t you go out, I don’t know how big is authentic, how high is the day also don’t know how wonderful the world, is not a brilliant I cognitive to others than ordinary (compared with its past, have new cognition, new experiences,, is good for myself), but I am willing to try, dare to try, even if there are some things not satisfactory!Life is not satisfactory, nine times out of ten, this is life!