Taiyuan has carried out classified epidemic prevention with “four-color identification” for people returning or arriving from outside the province

2022-05-30 0 By

The Tomb-sweeping Day will come, Taiyuan city of key areas to return (arrived) and personnel to take classified epidemic prevention measures, requiring return (arrived) and personnel in the landing point of the “Taiyuan quarantine Registration information system” registration, the system will automatically match red, yellow, blue, green “four color identification.”According to taiyuan’s epidemic prevention and control policies, all people returning or arriving from other provinces with health codes from other provinces must log in to Alipay and transfer the codes to Shanxi health codes.Proof of negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours;Samples should be taken immediately at the landing point and a nucleic acid test should be carried out.All those returning (arriving) from outside the province and returning (arriving) should be registered in the “Taiyuan Quarantine Registration Information System” at the landing point. The system will automatically match and display red, yellow, blue and green “four-color identification”, among which the “red symbol” represents those returning (arriving) from medium-high risk areas.The yellow marks represent the counties of medium-high risk areas and the returnees (arrivals) from counties where cases have been reported but the risk level has not yet been adjusted.The blue mark represents the return (arrival) of people from other low-risk counties in the city where the epidemic occurred.”Green marks” represent people returning (arriving) from other low-risk areas.Traffic checkpoints will encourage non-city residents with abnormal health codes (red and yellow codes), non-city residents with travel history in affected areas within 14 days (cities or cities where at least one local case has been reported), and non-city residents with travel history outside the province who cannot provide negative nucleic acid test certificate for 48 hours.People from epidemic-free areas in the province should strengthen personal protection and move freely and orderly, without requiring negative nucleic acid tests.The “point-to-point” closed-loop management will be strictly implemented for those returning or arriving at the first point of entry after the quarantine period has expired.If the quarantine period at the first point of entry is 14 days, “7+7+5” control measures shall be implemented, that is, 7 days of centralized isolation and 7 days of home isolation for medical observation. Nucleic acid test shall be conducted on the first, fourth, seventh, tenth and 14th days respectively.Those whose quarantine period is 21 days at the first point of entry shall be subject to 7 days of home quarantine and medical observation.