To improve the lack of national fitness facilities, Nanjing has listed the construction of 50 lighting courses as practical matters concerning people’s livelihood this year

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Yangzi Evening News network On February 17 (reporter Liu Liyuan) social football grounds, sports parks, fitness trails and other nationwide fitness facilities exist certain shortcomings, in recent years, Nanjing has been making up these shortcomings.On February 17, yangzi Evening News/Ziniu news reporter from nanjing held the “Nanjing National Fitness Implementation Plan” special press conference to learn that this year, Nanjing Development and Reform Commission has included the construction of 8 sports parks, 50 lighting courses in the annual livelihood of the people.Wang Hong, a first-level researcher of Nanjing Development and Reform Commission, introduced that there would be no well-off people without the health of the whole people. The National Development and Reform Commission and the provincial Development and Reform Commission successively issued the overall solution to the problem of national fitness. From the municipal level, Nanjing also attaches great importance to this work.It has promoted the construction of a series of national fitness facilities such as social football venues, sports parks and fitness trails, and built 217 social football venues, overfulfilling the task targets set by the state and province, with remarkable results.As a macro department, the Development and Reform Commission, together with the sports department, has planned ahead, drafted and formulated the five-year Action Plan for Strengthening weaknesses in the Construction of National Fitness Facilities in Nanjing, focusing on the nearby and convenient sports needs of the masses to reasonably arrange the construction of national fitness facilities.”Nanjing national fitness implementation plan” put forward during the “14th five-year plan” Nanjing will focus on creating 4 sports fitness belt, 8 fitness circle, Wang Hong revealed that this year’s people’s livelihood practical project planning, Nanjing will build 8 sports parks, 50 light courts.At the same time, the development and reform departments will actively seek funds from the central budget to provide strong support for the construction of sports facilities for all.In addition, Nanjing will actively guide social forces to participate in the construction and management of national fitness facilities, make reasonable use of existing facilities and urban vacant land for renovation, improve the construction efficiency and management level, and effectively increase the supply of sports facilities.Nanjing green Mao Haicheng introduction, deputy director of bureau of parks and woods, nanjing green garden bureau has been pay attention to the greenway construction, according to the mountains, well, along the city, even the king of the green design concept, have implemented a riverside sight, ring purple mountain green green tao, Ming city wall along the greenway such as green road construction, by the end of 2021, completed the greenway construction of 1581 kilometers.The agency at the same time promoting in the city park green way into fitness, culture, science, public service and compound functions, in recent years, the bureau and nanjing municipal sports bureau jointly promote fitness trails and fitness small green park construction, selecting suitable green road and park green space into the fitness function, provide citizens with more fitness.In the next step, Nanjing Green Garden Bureau will still take greenway construction as a key work, complete the “Detailed Planning of Nanjing Greenway (2020-2035)” compilation, highlight the leading role of backbone greenway, extend the greenway to the door of the community, form a new highlight of greenway construction.Promote greenway ring into network, build “city – district – community” three-level greenway system;Strengthen the connection between urban greenways and public places such as living, education, culture and sports, and use greenways to connect green open Spaces such as mountains, rivers, forests and gardens, so that residents can walk in the green and ride in the forest.In accordance with requirements of the “nanjing national fitness plan”, continue to cooperate with the municipal sports bureau fitness trails of construction work, with the demand of the people sports fitness, the selection of a suitable green way into fitness function, meet the requirements of fitness trails, in which the reasonable equipped with outdoor fitness venues and facilities, improve the identification, have a rest, services, and other supporting construction, rich in nanjing, the green function.Proofread by Li Haihui