Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan officially announced that they will have three children.

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On January 17, Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan shared photos to celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary.On January 18, Jay Chou released a video to celebrate his 43rd birthday.On January 19, Jay Chou posted a photo of Hannah Quinlivan, who is pregnant with her third child, on social media.Three days, three big happy things, really let a person envy ah!As jay’s biggest fan, I can’t sit still and feel itchy, so I’ll write an article to share it with you.When Hannah and Jay got married, they were not favored. Hannah was not famous at that time.At the age of 17, in order to pursue the star, but also specially to Work in Jay’s shop.At that time, Hannah was still very young, but she liked Jay Chou through her actions.Jay also had a crush on Hannah, but she was too young to announce her relationship to protect her.Jay Chou courted Hannah quinlivan for 4 years, finally couldn’t resist, and proposed to her when she was 21. It was officially announced.But then, instead of blessing, everyone asked “Who is Hannah?”In order to protect Hannah, even the wedding was kept a secret, with only 50 friends and relatives invited.After their marriage, Jay was busy at work, but whenever Hannah didn’t look good, Jay would leave work and travel with Hannah to relax.A big age gap doesn’t mean we don’t have common topics. On the contrary, we have a lot to talk about and we cherish each other.You see, happiness, like Quinling, is always favored by Jay.”No wonder I don’t have time to release an album. I’ve had three babies in seven years!”Between the lines, are their blessing and envy.02, the somebody else star why all so can live?Did you find it?Many celebrity families have two or three children, even though they were not strongly encouraged to have two or three children.Why do celebrity families always have so many kids?After analysis, there are two main reasons.One is these star families, basically are highly educated, the family atmosphere is good.For example, Guo Jingjing and Huang Lei, both of whom are from a scholarly family and have excellent genes, are also planning to have more than one child.The second reason is that celebrity families have less financial pressure.The income of stars of the third and fourth lines is much more than that of ordinary families, let alone the big stars of the first and second lines.They have no economic pressure, nanny care after giving birth, eat well, recover quickly, and naturally have the desire to have more children.Another important factor, of course, is the harmony of the couple.If the relationship is not good, it is very difficult to have a second or third child, even if you are a normal person (accidental pregnancy does not count).So, to see the star family born two children three children, I more is the blessing, the others these advantages, not our ordinary family can than, no wonder to spell two children, three children!Postpartum weight loss fast pregnancy is a challenge for women, body and body are facing a turning point, not only after pregnancy reaction, but also because of worries about the development of the fetus.But also to face the surge in weight, shape deformation, postpartum physique, physique recovery problems.Celebrities are no exception.Many beautiful mothers put weight loss on the agenda after giving birth, we should pay attention to the rhythm of weight loss, blind reduction is not conducive to recovery and affect the body.Female stars give birth to children quickly, and postpartum recovery has a certain relationship.They’ve all mastered three principles after giving birth, and you can do the same!Principle 1: reasonable exercise in 6-8 weeks after birth is the stage of the recovery of the uterus and body functions, to recuperation recovery.3 months after the birth of the baby, you can do exercises suitable for the recovery of pelvic muscle bottom, do abdominal and leg muscles, to keep comfortable and not tired.3 to 6 months after delivery, you can properly do exercises to exercise the muscles of the whole body, exercise time and intensity according to your ability.Don’t fatigue or exercise beyond your physical strength. Stop as soon as you feel uncomfortable.Exercise can be jogging, swimming, yoga or cycling, depending on the actual situation. Doing housework can also help burn calories.Exercise time from short to long, intensity from weak to strong, so that the body slowly adapt.Principle two: adhere to breast milk not only helps improve the baby’s immunity, but also helps the maternal body recovery, in addition to breastfeeding bao Ma daily consumption of calories in 300 to 500 calories, weight loss unknowingly.Many celebrities continue to breastfeed even when they have to work after giving birth, and some even become “back-nursing mothers”.This is not only a sign of maternal love, but also the secret of their rapid recovery.Principle three: reasonable diet in order to provide breast milk for the baby after delivery, we should pay attention to nutrition intake, but also pay attention to a balanced diet, so as to reduce the weight to the normal range faster.Eat more protein-rich food and eat fruits and vegetables appropriately.Postpartum 3 months is the critical period of thin body, star families generally choose the child center, there are special dietitians responsible for dietary collocation, and postpartum rehabilitation division is responsible for body shape recovery.Postpartum body, they tend to recover faster.As we bless the King of Heaven and his family, we also need to keep the pregnancy in perspective.Conditional, family support is born, without conditions, there is no need to follow the trend.After the baby is born, there are a lot of things waiting to happen, and if you don’t handle them well, you defeat the reason you wanted to have a baby in the first place.What do you say?(The pictures in this article are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete them.)