Qingdao traffic police sent 15,000 police officers to investigate 245 cases of drunk driving during the Spring Festival holiday

2022-05-31 0 By

The reporter understands from the municipal public security traffic police department, the lunar New Year holiday in 2022, Qingdao strictly implement the superior public security organ police deployment requirements, fully launched the high grade service, all the traffic police, auxiliary police clothes do not return, alert, focus on “safety, smooth” main business, and strengthen the traffic security measures, for the Spring Festival travel to build a good road traffic environment.According to statistics, on January 31 solstice on February 6, Qingdao traffic police 15000 person-time, setting up checkpoints (2618 points), the scene to investigate and punish all kinds of traffic illegal act 11400, road traffic accidents) fell 4.64% year on year, not death road traffic accident, the city road traffic safety situation is smooth, the main road smooth and orderly,No long – term and long – distance road traffic congestion occurred.It is understood that since January 31, Qingdao traffic police fully launched the social patrol level duty, strict prevention, to ensure traffic safety: first, strict control.Strict road control is the most direct and effective means to prevent road traffic accidents.The city’s traffic police system organizes centralized and unified actions every day, and tilts the police force to rural areas, early morning hours and other weak links in control. The city’s 49 traffic police law enforcement stations fully implement first-level duty.During the investigation of 212 drunk driving, drunk driving 33 cases, effectively purify the road traffic environment.Second, we need to clear up hidden dangers.Specially issued the “Notice on further strengthening the construction management of road occupied during the festival”, to further implement the road construction traffic safety supervision responsibility, to prevent traffic accidents caused by construction during the festival.Focusing on high-risk sections such as long downslope, water and cliff, prone to icing and fog, and sharp bends, the government has continuously strengthened road inspection and identified 18 potential road hazards. While urging relevant responsible units to make rectification, temporary prevention and control measures such as increasing traffic signs and strengthening patrols have been implemented to ensure that no problems will occur.Third, control the source.Together with the transportation, emergency, education and other departments, to the city’s 230 – odd key transport enterprises, more than 5000 key transport vehicles made a comprehensive screening, to more than 130 existing overdue inspection, if no scrap to inform interview concerns the transportation enterprise, distribution of more than 300 copies of safety hidden dangers rectification notice, comprehensively strengthen the road traffic safety responsibility.Fourth, publicity.The campaign of “Life is priceless and drunken driving is forbidden” was launched to create a good atmosphere of “no drinking while driving”.In accordance with the work requirements of “two announcements and one warning”, 42 dangerous sections and accident prone sections were announced in advance, and 12 sections with heavy traffic were announced in the middle of the holiday to remind citizens and tourists to travel reasonably and detour in advance.According to introducing, Qingdao traffic police utilized during the Spring Festival transportation characteristics, highlight the pier, the May 4th square, Olympic sailing center, zhongshan park, laoshan scenic spots, such as temporary parking Spaces, and setting up reasonable distribution route, the “distal basins, proximal control signal” strategy, comprehensively strengthen tourist routes, scenic area of surrounding roads traffic organization guidance, ensure good traffic order.Targeted measures have been taken to strengthen the control of 12 key roads, including jiaozhou Bay Undersea Tunnel, Huanwan Road, Shenhai Expressway and Qingzhou-Yinchuan Expressway, to ensure smooth traffic in and out of the city.The “police protection linkage” was deepened, and the function of “Traffic Management 12123” APP was fully used to handle 3,628 minor traffic accidents, effectively eliminating traffic congestion and secondary accidents caused by accidents.