Spring Festival | daishan “blue knight” fire volunteers spring to send peace

2022-05-31 0 By

In order to strengthen the strength of the volunteer firefighting team, further promote the fire protection publicity “five steps”, widely popularize fire safety knowledge, and improve the fire safety awareness of the masses,Zhoushan Daishan county fire rescue brigade united “Ele. me” to build “blue Knight” fire volunteer service team, assist the Spring Festival fire propaganda and education work.Special training drills strong-built brigade organization volunteer team to carry out the “blue knight” fire fire training activities, volunteer service to participate from take-out rider carefully explained the common fire safety hidden trouble, the family fire “sanqing three pass”, common logo, beginning of fire fighting and rescue methods, to escape behavioral essentials, electric fire safety, etc.”Hand-handle” taught the use of dry powder fire extinguishers and other common fire equipment, organized shenpei takeaway riders to carry out emergency evacuation drills, and ensured that each participant could learn well and master well to become a qualified “Blue Knight” volunteer firefighter.”Blue Knight” volunteer firefighters take the opportunity to pick up food, “family fire protection and fire safety knowledge” manual staked on the takeaway bag, so that customers can stay at home to learn fire safety knowledge.At the same time, “Blue Knight” fire volunteers to the merchant, staff and people, distribution of fire publicity materials, fire safety knowledge, popularization of common fire facilities and equipment, remind them to pay attention to fire, learn fire, participate in fire.In HAPPYSPRING FESTIVAL, the brigade launched the “Blue Knight” volunteer fire volunteers to participate in the activity of “Zhejiang Office” APP “Taking photos of fire hazards”, and took out their mobile phones to upload photos when they found fire hazards around them, and urged the rectification of fire hazards.Organization “blue knight” fire volunteers into the high-rise buildings, residential quarters, commercial plaza and other places, in the evacuation passageway and safety exit, electric car parking bays, elevator, fire fighting equipment boxes, such as the key position, widely posted on fire control safety sign sticker, guide the masses strictly abide by the fire control laws and regulations and look up to the fire hazards around together, build peace and harmonious home.During the Spring Festival, the “Blue Knights” are still working hard on the food delivery road. They send not only food but also safety. When you receive their fire warning, please read it carefully and don’t forget to say “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to them!