100 ancient poems, using mind maps to turn a poem into a picture of logical thinking

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Ancient poetry, as one of the traditional Chinese culture, has a long history. No matter the elderly or children who are learning to speak, they can recite a few poems as soon as they open their mouth. Reciting ancient poetry from childhood will promote the improvement of language and comprehensive ability, and lay a solid foundation for future learning.Many children only know to recite the whole poem, but do not understand why to learn these poems, and even some parents feel that ancient poems as long as the back will be on the line, useful useless half-knowledge.But during the Tokyo Olympics, when we hear the amazing comments from Chinese commentators again and again, you will understand that the power and romance of ancient Chinese poetry can resonate with us even through time.Yang Qian, a young girl born in the 1990s, has won the first gold medal of the Olympic Games and completed her lavish coming-of-age ceremony.”Jianqi across thirty thousand miles, a sword light cold nineteen continents.””Fencing champion” Sun Yiwen sealed his throat with a sword, heroic, only Mr. Gu Long’s poem can express one or two.”Tong flower wan Li Dan Mountain road, young phoenix in the old phoenix sound.”Three full jumps!Fourteen-year-old Chinese diver Quan Hong Chan has dazzled the world!Even “diving queen” Guo Jingjing also full of praise for her!Poetry sentence is not only recited, is to children understand the meaning of the inside, can really precipitate the ancient poetry for human quality and self-cultivation, this is the future of the new curriculum standard for learning ancient poetry requirements.I recommend a set of “Mind Map: Magic memory of Ancient Poems”, 100 ancient poems, with the way of mind map to turn ancient poems into a logical thinking picture, which is convenient for children to understand, the effect is much better than rote memorization, but also related knowledge together, help children learn ancient poems deeply.It turns plane into three-dimensional, abstract into image, boring into vivid, so that the story situation in the ancient poem can be completely connected, forming a dynamic picture, as if you are in the scene, not only remember quickly and firmly, but also can understand the charm of the ancient poem.For example, the first Cao Cao’s “view of the Sea”, the left hand explained cao Cao’s “life background” and “resume”, to help baby understand cao Cao this person.On the right side, a mind map is used to analyze the poem, accompanied by annotations and translation, which is convenient for parents to tutor their children.Each poem from the poet background, historical times, picture situation, annotation translation from different angles to explain, picture with the text, vivid image, baby like reading a story to understand a poem, at the same time can increase a lot of historical knowledge!The great poet Meng Haoran’s life experience, where he has been, what kind of social environment he lived in, what things he experienced, are meaningful to understand his poems.It can be said that this set of books is just needed for primary school students to review and test books, including 100 ancient poems, completely covering 100 ancient poems for grade 1 to grade 6 of the edited primary school textbooks.In each mind map, there is a main picture in the middle. When you see the main picture, you can guess the content of the poem.On the right side of the main picture is the main part of the ancient poetry. Each sentence of the ancient poetry extracts a key word, then the content of the ancient poetry, and finally the introduction of rare words and related knowledge in the ancient poetry.On the left side of the main screen are the author’s brief introduction, famous sayings and writing techniques related to this ancient poem.Priorities are clear at a glance.100 poetry mind maps, from the background, poetry style, poetry analysis and book requirements of the five branches, the knowledge points related to poetry network.In addition to mind mapping, the book also gives 108 “magic” memory maps, unique image memory method, let children easily recite ancient poems;100 poetry cards, 116 game questions, find different, maze, puzzles and other game forms, make ancient poetry more interesting and fun!Mazes, exercise children’s sense of direction: the complete poems, equivalent to consolidate the content of the review has been studied: the back of the card is the corresponding classical poetry, every capital with pinyin, can take out anywhere, anytime and review, memory, the equivalent of a classical sheet card, Eva trip or go out at ordinary times can take to learn.Mind Mapping: Magic Memory ancient Poetry, a total of 5 volumes, the original price of 199 yuan, our group purchase price is only 89 yuan!A set of essential ancient poetry in primary school not only allows children to learn to recite, but also to understand the meaning of the poetry, feel the artistic conception of the poetry, understand the story behind the poetry, and become a little expert in poetry, how to set questions in the exam are not afraid.