Listen to your mother wherever you are

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Once there was a very popular song is “listen to your mother”, the Lunar year of the Tiger, “listen to your mother” network interaction more warm people’s hearts.”Listen to your mother” is reflected in the daily filial piety of children and grandchildren, inherited in a family’s family traditions and teachings, and interpreted in the details of a person playing a good social role.”Listen to your mother” is a unique way of expressing love in the Internet age.Interconnection and sharing are important features of the Internet era.To participate in activities through weibo, trill, quickly, WeChat video, such as platform, upload photos, video, etc, to share with my mother’s story, drying out with my mother’s call, or text, or images, upload one share, this is using Internet technology to record the fierceness of the way, it is to let a “love” the age of the Internet more implicative, no longer let the “love” together.Perhaps, this is to pay tribute to maternal love of The Times.”Listen to mom” is another story to record love in the endeavor era.Interaction is an expression of empathy.Upload interactive “Listen to my mother’s words”, nagging and exuding, gentle and hard working, nagging and looking forward to, the most real parents, bit by bit see development: from the rich New Year’s Eve dinner prepared by my mother, see now people’s life is rich;From the scene of video dialogue with my mother, I can read the style of The Times that “nowadays science and technology is developed, the elderly live a wonderful life”.From my mother to guide us how to keep the details of the custom, understand the Chinese nation’s traditional culture of the experience of the new……Mother’s words, with the world fireworks about the youth of The Times.Perhaps, this is the ritual sense of maternal love.”Listen to mother’s words” is the struggle on the road home national conditions of deep interpretation.The lighting of thousands of lights, there is always someone silently pay.Do a good job of normalizing the epidemic prevention and control personnel and grass-roots workers, guard the motherland frontier soldiers, and ensure smooth logistics express, takeout brother……The common dedication of different professions.Go home, is reunion, leave home, is for the family circle.”Listen to your mother” shows the mother’s respect and support for her children, as well as the children’s response and gratitude to their mother’s love.The interaction of The Times in the traditional Chinese year makes the logic of family and everyone more clear and the ties between family and country more thick.Perhaps, this is the heart of love is the happiness of reunion.What is “listen to your mother”?Is the Chinese traditional year Thanksgiving mother of a start.Mother’s words, is heard from the big happiness, mother’s words, there is the power to care for our growth, there is the password to guide us up, there is more to support us responsible.No matter where you are, listen to your mother. No matter how old you are, you will have a home if you have a mother.(Article/Tong Xiaowen tu/Jinghai E-review Studio