Luo Ping: The first batch of 415 migrant workers started to return to work

2022-06-02 0 By

“I went to work at The Good Future Company in Huheng Xinguang Industrial Zone, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province. I worked in the company for several months last year. The job content was to paint electricity meter boxes and make stickers.Luo Ping county from a large well township chicken deng village committee dry tangzi village shi Jieqian and reporters exchange, words reveal gratitude.On February 8, the first batch of 415 migrant workers in Luoping County set off to return to work, officially marking the prelude of the 2022 organized export labor force to work outside the city to earn money, and the resumption of work in a guaranteed, organized and large-scale transport of local migrant workers back to the city.”Don’t push, line up, turn on the travel codes on your phones…”Affected by the epidemic, every migrant worker must pass a physical examination, wear a mask and ride on the bus with a red hat.At the scene, medical staff took their temperature and other health check-up services, staff gave them protective masks, drinking water, food and hats, and answered relevant policies…Whether it is the reception service staff or the special policy interpreters, their service is in place, their working attitude is good, and they present a warm picture everywhere.”Today is a good day, day in lunar calendar and solar calendar on February 8, belongs to 1 day, suggests the earn money go out to have a hair, I believe that you earn money out of fellows, you are an important force in boosting our county rural revitalization, labor export, output is labor, back is productivity, is the source of money…”In the farewell ceremony, Luoping County people bureau director Huang Yongguo said enthusiastically.Employment is the top priority for people’s wellbeing.In order to earnestly implement the decision and deployment of “stable employment” and “guarantee employment”, the county launched the “100-day action” of rural labor transfer employment and vocational skill training at the beginning of the year, in accordance with the requirements of “stabilizing the stock, expanding the increment, improving the quality and promoting the increase of income”.Actively liaised with human resources and social security departments, employment enterprises, human resource companies, labor brokers and other intermediaries in “Pearl River Delta” and “Yangtze River Delta”, strengthened communication and docking, and collected more than 26,000 posts from enterprises inside and outside the province with good reputation and standardized employment through multiple channels.Adopt double advance online form, before the Spring Festival, recruitment activities conducted by the mass market day, and released to the outside world and forward “to luoping migrant workers to a friend,” and “luoping county rural labor transfer employment 2022” one hundred – day action “employer recommend” and other relevant information, job fairs held 12 games, establish the platform of supply and demand for the employer and job staff,We will collect information on the schedule and plan for returning migrant workers to work, and provide employment services based on the specific policies.It is understood that in the current epidemic situation, luoping combined with “I does the practical work for the masses”, adopt the method of centralized charter, unified epidemic protection, according to the employer (complex) working time and conditions, peak point location, the orderly organization by rural labor output, implement “point to point, one-stop” direct service, to solve the problem of “traffic” “difficult employment”,Ensure the safe and orderly transfer of migrant workers from “doorstep” to “factory gate”.It is reported that the first group of 415 people aboard the eight buses were headed for Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces to return to work.(Li Zhongqiao, Correspondent He Huawen, Rong Media Center, Luoping County)